Assembly with Robots

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About this book


In the western world, economic logic (and need) has replaced the indentured craftsman by computer controlled machining centres within manufacturing industries. The same rationale is the incentive behind the development of robots that are technically capable of performing assembly tasks, and the inevitable, albeit slow, adoption of these robots by the manufacturing industries. This book is based upon the author's knowledge and first hand experience of the manufacturing industries of North America and the UK in general, and the UK's robotics industry in particular. The general and specific implications of per­ forming an assembly task robotically are discussed, the majority of which are not specific to anyone sector of the manufactur­ ing industry, nor to any particular size of product being manu­ factured. This book should be of interest to those who are interested in or involved with the use of robots for assembly. The 'veils of mystic' and misinformation on robots and the assembly process are subsequently removed.


assembly automation computer development industry information logic machining manufacturing programming robot robotics sensing sensors

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