Neurotransmitter Interaction and Compartmentation

  • H. F. Bradford

Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 48)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Nerve Terminal Organisation

    1. E. George Gray, Phillip R. Gordon-Weeks, Robert D. Burgoyne
      Pages 1-13
    2. James W. Gurd, Phillip R. Gordon-Weeks, W. Howard Evans
      Pages 15-16
    3. Richard Hawkes, Evelyn Niday, Andrew Matus
      Pages 39-51
  3. Key Factors in Neurotransmitter Synthesis and Release

  4. Neurotransmitters and Their Interactions at the Cellular Level

    1. P. L. McGeer, H. Kimura, E. G. McGeer, J. H. Peng
      Pages 253-289
    2. E. G. McGeer, P. L. McGeer, S. R. Vincent
      Pages 299-327
    3. Cees J. Van den Berg, Dugald F. Matheson, Mieke C. Nijenmanting, Roel Bruntink
      Pages 345-357
    4. A. Hamberger, I. Jacobsson, S.-O. Molin, B. Nyström, M. Sandberg, U. Ungerstedt
      Pages 359-378
    5. Jacques Borg, Norbert Ramaharobandro, Jean Mark
      Pages 379-382
    6. William J. Nicklas, Barbara Krespan
      Pages 383-394
  5. Transmitter Metabolism

  6. Isolated Cells and Tissue Compartments

    1. Monique Sensenbrenner, Ibtissam Barakat, Gérard Labourdette
      Pages 497-514
    2. R. Balázs, C. M. Regan, R. D. Gordon, Ann E. Kingsbury, P. Annunziata, E. Meier
      Pages 515-534
  7. Neurotransmitters in Sub-Systems of the Brain

    1. E. Marani, W. J. Rietveld, M. E. Boon
      Pages 573-575
    2. G. P. Wilkin, N. G. Bowery, D. R. Hill, A. L. Hudson
      Pages 577-583
    3. Louis Lim, John White, Sean Thrower, Christine Hall, Stephen Whatley
      Pages 665-674
    4. J. V. Priestley, P. Somogyi, A. Consolazione, A. C. Cuello
      Pages 687-689
  8. Neurotransmitters in the Retina

About this book


The NATO Advanced Study Institute held in the Hotel Metropole Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Wales from July 26th to August 4th 1981 provided an excellent platform for presentation and appraisal of our current knowledge of neurotransmitter systems. The proceed­ ings comprise the present volume and these were arranged to allow study of the pathways and the interactions of specific transmitter systems, one with another, in the various sub-regions of the central nervous system. In addition several of the key factors involved in neurotransmitter release were highlighted. These include the structural and molecular organisation of the nerve terminal, its organelles (such as vesicles, neurotubules and synaptic densities) and the mechanisms involved in neurotransmitter release including the participation of calcium. The organisation of transmitter synthesis, storage and transport were discussed together with their linkage to other streams of metabolism, and the cellular compartmentation of these processes. In addition to the principal lectures given at the Institute, many part1c1pants presented short reports for discussion and these are all included in this volume. The success of the Study Institute was due to the careful planning of the scientific programme to allow a smooth flow and integration of the topics included and this is reflected in the organisation of this book. The programme committee members were, R. Balazs (London), H. F. Bradford (London,Director), J. B. Clark (London), J. E. Cremer (MRC, Carshalton), J. S. Kelly (London), L. Lim (London), M. J. Neal (London) and P. J. Roberts (Southampton).


Calcium brain interaction muscle nervous system neurons neuropeptides organization system

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