Recent Developments in Condensed Matter Physics

Volume 4 • Low-Dimensional Systems, Phase Changes, and Experimental Techniques

  • J. T. Devreese
  • L. F. Lemmens
  • V. E. Van Doren
  • J. Van Royen

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Phase Changes

    1. R. Burriel, J. Bartolomé, R. Navarro, D. González
      Pages 1-10
    2. J. García, J. Bartolomé, R. Navarro, R. Burriel, D. González, W. J. Crama et al.
      Pages 11-20
    3. J. M. Calleja, F. Flores, V. R. Velasco, A. Ibarra
      Pages 21-26
    4. M. Renata Chaves, M. Helena Amaral, S. Ziolkiewicz, M. K. Teng
      Pages 43-51
    5. J. García, R. Navarro, J. Bartolomé, D. González, D. Fruchart
      Pages 53-60
    6. J. P. Jamet, A. M. Quittet, A. H. Moudden
      Pages 61-67
    7. S. Robaszkiewicz, R. Micnas, K. A. Chao
      Pages 69-76
    8. Mariette Regis, Marcel Candille, Pierre St-Gregoire
      Pages 107-114
    9. J. B. Sousa, M. M. Amado, R. P. Pinto, M. F. Pinheiro, J. M. Moreira, M. E. Braga et al.
      Pages 115-124
    10. Lin Lei, Wang Xinyi
      Pages 125-131
  3. Phonons and Soft Phonons

    1. P. E. Van Camp, V. E. Van Doren, J. T. Devreese
      Pages 133-138
    2. M. D. Fontana, G. E. Kugel, C. Carabatos
      Pages 139-147
    3. R. Hotz, R. Siems
      Pages 167-173
    4. P. Camagni, A. Manara, L. Morrone
      Pages 175-182
  4. Low-Dimensional Systems

    1. D. Petitgrand, B. Hennion, P. Radhakrishna, C. Escribe, S. Legrand
      Pages 205-211
    2. M. Stubicar, M. Miljak, O. Milat, J. Cooper, S. Mustra
      Pages 219-228
    3. R. Vacher, J. Pelous, H. Sussner, M. Schmidt, S. Hunklinger
      Pages 229-233
    4. S. Lefrant, E. Rzepka, P. Bernier, M. Rolland, M. Aldissi, C. Linaya
      Pages 235-242
  5. Spin Waves and Magnetism

  6. Experimental Techniques

  7. Superionic Conductors

  8. Hydrogen in Metals

    1. R. A. Bond, D. K. Ross, C. J. Carlile, I. S. Anderson
      Pages 359-363
    2. C. Demangeat, M. A. Khan, G. Moraitis, J. C. Parlebas
      Pages 365-368
    3. D. Shaltiel, T. von Waldkirch, F. Stucki, L. Schlapbach
      Pages 383-388
  9. Superconductivity

    1. I. Kirschner, K. Sajό, K. Martinàs, J. Bànkuti, G. Kiss, G. Reményi
      Pages 389-398

About this book


These volumes contain the invited and contributed talks of the first general Conference of the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society, which took place at the campus of the University of Antwerpen


condensed matter condensed matter physics hydrogen magnetism

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  • L. F. Lemmens
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  • V. E. Van Doren
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  • J. Van Royen
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