Megagauss Physics and Technology

  • Peter J. Turchi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Experimental Techniques in Ultrahigh Magnetic Field Generation

    1. N. N. Gennadiev, V. F. Demichev, P. A. Levit
      Pages 27-36
    2. R. A. Nuttelman, J. H. Degnan, G. F. Kiuttu, R. E. Reinovsky, W. L. Baker
      Pages 37-45
    3. Dan L. Davis
      Pages 47-53
    4. A. F. Demtshuk, V. V. Poljudov, V. M. Titov, G. A. Shvetsov
      Pages 55-59
  3. Conductors and Insulators at High Energy Densities and Speeds

    1. G. A. Shvetsov, V. M. Titov
      Pages 61-75
    2. Dennis W. Baum, W. Lee Shimmin
      Pages 77-88
    3. A. P. Ershov, L. A. Lukjantshikov, Ju. V. Rjabinin, P. I. Zubkov
      Pages 89-98
    4. J. W. Shearer, J. W. Beasley, A. Reyenga, D. Steinberg
      Pages 99-110
    5. L. A. Lukjantshikov, K. A. Ten, P. I. Zubkov
      Pages 111-115
    6. Y. Nakagawa, S. Miura, T. Goto, Y. Syono
      Pages 151-162
  4. Modeling of Magnetodynamic Systems

    1. J. E. Gover, O. M. Stuetzer, J. L. Johnson
      Pages 163-180
    2. J. M. McGlaun, S. L. Thompson, J. R. Freeman
      Pages 193-203
    3. J. R. Freeman, J. M. McGlaun, S. L. Thompson, E. C. Cnare
      Pages 205-218
    4. Stephen P. Gill
      Pages 219-229
    5. T. P. Wright, L. Baker, M. Cowan, J. R. Freeman
      Pages 241-247
  5. Advanced Pulsed Power Topics

    1. C. M. Fowler, R. S. Caird, D. J. Erickson, B. L. Freeman, W. B. Garn
      Pages 275-285
    2. John P. Barber, Richard A. Marshall, Scott Rashleigh
      Pages 287-295
    3. R. S. Hawke, J. K. Scudder
      Pages 297-311
    4. R. E. Reinovsky, J. H. Degnan, G. F. Kiuttu, R. A. Nuttleman, W. L. Baker
      Pages 313-325
    5. T. W. Hussey, D. A. Kloc, C. W. Beason, N. F. Roderick
      Pages 327-336
    6. D. L. Smith, R. P. Henderson, R. E. Reinovsky
      Pages 337-349
    7. P. D’Hommee-Caupers, C. Rioux, F. Rioux-Damidau, C. Jablon
      Pages 351-359
  6. Imploding Liner Systems for Fusion

    1. P. J. Turchi, A. L. Cooper, R. D. Ford, D. J. Jenkins, R. L. Burton
      Pages 375-386
    2. A. R. Sherwood, E. L. Cantrell, C. A. Ekdahl, I. Henins, H. W. Hoida, T. R. Jarboe et al.
      Pages 391-398
    3. Ju. A. Kareev, I. K. Konkashbaev, L. B. Nikandrov
      Pages 399-401
    4. William Grossmann, Jeffery Saltzman
      Pages 403-414
    5. V. M. Goloviznin, R. Kh. Kurtmullaev, V. N. Semenov, V. A. Gasilov, A. P. Favorsky, M. Yu. Shashkov
      Pages 415-423
    6. Yasuyuki Itoh, Yoichi Fujii-E
      Pages 437-446
    7. A. L. Cooper, J. M. Pierre, P. J. Turchi, J. P. Boris, R. L. Burton
      Pages 447-460
  7. Megagauss Field Generation

    1. R. S. Caird, J. H. Brownell, D. J. Erickson, C. M. Fowler, B. L. Freeman, T. Oliphant
      Pages 461-469
    2. E. I. Bitshenkov, V. A. Lobanov, V. I. Telenkov, A. M. Trubatshev
      Pages 471-477
    3. A. M. Andrianov, Yu. A. Alekseev, V. L. Baryshev, V. I. Vasil’ev, M. N. Kazeev, V. V. Kisula
      Pages 479-484
    4. U. N. Botcharov, A. I. Krutchinin, S. I. Krivosheev, A. N. Chetchel, G. A. Shneerson
      Pages 485-496
    5. J. H. Degnan, R. A. Nuttelman, G. F. Kiuttu, R. E. Reinovsky, W. L. Baker
      Pages 511-517
  8. Applications of Ultrahigh Magnetic Field Techniques

About this book


The generation and use of megagauss magnetic fields have been subjects of research and development in laboratories around the world for over a quarter of a century. Research goals have included the development of compact, short-pulse, electrical power sources and the production of ultrahigh magnetic field strengths over significant experimental volumes. Energies measured in megajoules, currents in megamperes and timescales of microseconds are not uncommon in such work. Phase changes, insulator breakdowns, and local des­ truction of the apparatus are also frequently encountered. Some efforts have involved the use of high explosive systems, developing methodologies rather distinct from those of a normal physics laboratory. Manipulation of magnetic flux to exchange energy between high speed, electrically conducting flows and high strength electromagnetic fields remains, of course, a basic interaction of classical physics. The remoteness of the necessary experimental sites (at least in many instances) and the various national concerns for security of defense-related research have often limited the flow of information between investigators of separate organizations, working in common areas of technical concern. Occa­ sionally, however, it has been possible for the community of scientists and engineers engaged in work on high magnetic fields and related high energy den­ sity systems to gather together and exchange results and plans, successes and failures. The first such international gathering was in 1965 at the Conference on Megagauss Magnetic Field Generation by Explosives and Related Experi­ ments, Frascati, Italy.


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