Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology

Thymus Dependency

  • A. J. S. Davies
  • R. L. Carter

Part of the Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology book series (CTI, volume 2)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-1
  2. A. J. S. Davies, R. L. Carter
    Pages 3-12
  3. F. Carl Grumet, Hugh O. McDevitt
    Pages 63-76
  4. Sam L. Clark Jr.
    Pages 77-99
  5. Louis Kater
    Pages 101-109
  6. Guy Sainte-Marie
    Pages 111-117
  7. Maria A. B. de Sousa
    Pages 119-136
  8. J. F. A. P. Miller
    Pages 151-164
  9. I. C. M. MacLennan
    Pages 175-187
  10. Jean-François Bach
    Pages 189-206
  11. Farrokh Modabber
    Pages 207-216
  12. Beverley J. Weston
    Pages 237-263
  13. A. Basten, J. G. Howard
    Pages 265-291
  14. Osias Stutman, Robert A. Good
    Pages 299-319
  15. Nathan Trainin, Myra Small
    Pages 321-337
  16. A. R. Hayward, J. F. Soothill
    Pages 351-361
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 363-368

About this book


This second volume of Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology considers many aspects of thymus dependency in order to exemplify the role of the thy­ mus in different species and different immunological responses. It is not in­ tended to be a compendium of the responses which have been shown to be thymus dependent but rather to illustrate for the reader the criteria he should apply in thinking about the significance of the thymus in immune responses. We are grateful to the editors and publishers of the Annals of the New York Academy of Science, the Australian Journal of Experimental Biology and Medical Science, Clinical and Experimental Immunology, Immunology, the Journal of Experimental Medicine, the Journal of Immunology, Laboratory Investigation, Nature, and the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine and to Springer-Verlag, Berlin, for permission to reproduce illustrations. Specific references are given in the text. We would also like to thank the contributors for their time and energy and willingness to submit to the editorial red pencils. The exercise of these censori­ ous instruments meant that the manuscripts had to be reorganized and retyped. Mrs. J. Pettis, Mrs. A. Inglefield, and Miss M. Butt all helped, and we are most grateful to them. A.J.S.D. R.L.e.


Thymus antigen autoimmunity diseases immune response immunity immunobiology immunodeficiency immunoglobulin immunology infectious disease lymphocytes malaria parasite transplantation

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