Animal, Plant, and Microbial Toxins

Volume 2 Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Immunology

  • Akira Ohsaka
  • Kyozo Hayashi
  • Yoshio Sawai
  • Ryosuke Murata
  • Masaru Funatsu
  • Nobuo Tamiya

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. Chemistry (Snacks and Scorpions)

    1. E. V. Grishin, A. P. Sukhikh, Yu. A. Ovchinnikov
      Pages 15-25
    2. Sadaaki Iwanaga, Yasuji Hokama, Tsuru Tatsuki, Hidenobu Takahashi, Tomoji Suzuki
      Pages 47-63
    3. Yuji Samejima, Sadaaki Iwanaga, Tomoji Suzuki
      Pages 65-77
    4. H. Rochat, C. Kopeyan, L. G. Garcia, G. Martinez, J. P. Rosso, A. Pakaris et al.
      Pages 79-87
    5. N. Izumiya, T. Kato, H. Aoyagi, N. Takahashi, A. Yasutake, C. C. Yang
      Pages 89-92
    6. V. T. Ivanov
      Pages 93-104
  3. Chemistry (Other Species)

    1. Miwako Watanabe, Tadashi Yasuhara, Terumi Nakajima
      Pages 105-112
    2. Hisanobu Yoshida, John J. Pisano
      Pages 113-121
    3. Gunki Funatsu, Masatsune Ishiguro, Masaru Funatsu
      Pages 123-130
    4. I. Y. Huang, Edward J. Schantz, Merlin S. Bergdoll
      Pages 131-135
    5. Ru-dong Wei, H. K. Schnoes, E. B. Smalley, Shiuh-sheng Lee, Yung-nien Chang, F. M. Strong
      Pages 137-144
    6. Mutsuo Hatano, Ryuji Marumoto, Yoshiro Hashimoto
      Pages 145-151
    7. Seiichi Inayama, Tamiko Ohkura, Takeshi Kawamata, Masaiti Yanagita, Akiko Itai, Yöichi Iitaka
      Pages 153-159
  4. Pharmacology (Snakes and Scorpions)

    1. H. W. Puffer, D. W. Barber Jr., R. H. Maeda Jr., N. Tamiya
      Pages 161-168
    2. S.-Y. Lin Shiau, M.-C. Huang, W. C. Tseng, C. Y. Lee
      Pages 205-215
    3. Y. Ishida, S. Yamashita, A. Ohsaka, T. Takahashi, T. Omori-Satoh
      Pages 263-272
    4. L. Freire-Maia, J. R. Cunha-Melo, Marcus V. Gomez, W. L. Tafuri, T. A. Maria, S. L. Calixto et al.
      Pages 273-285
  5. Pharmacology (Other Species)

  6. Immunology

  7. Clinical Aspects

    1. Y. Sawai, M. Makino, Y. Kawamura, T. Fukuyama, H. Chinzei, T. Okonogi et al.
      Pages 439-450
    2. Y. Sawai, M. Honma
      Pages 451-460
    3. F. E. Russell, J. Wainschel, R. W. Carlson, A. Osborne
      Pages 461-465
    4. C. K. Eapen, N. Chandy, K. L. Kochuvarkey, P. K. Zacharia, P. J. Thomas, T. I. Ipe
      Pages 467-473
    5. R. N. Banerjee, A. L. Sahni, K. A. Chacko
      Pages 475-481
    6. V. Sitprija, C. Benyajati, V. Boonpucknavig
      Pages 483-495
    7. A. L. Sahni, R. N. Banerjee
      Pages 497-506
    8. C. Bartholomew, J. Murphy, K. McGeeney, O. Fitzgerald
      Pages 507-514
  8. Miscellaneous

About this book


During the past two decades, research on animal, plant, and microbial toxins has expanded rapidly, and new and exciting information has appeared to clarify both the clinical and therapeutic aspects of intoxication and, even more impor­ tant, to help us understand more exactly the structure and the mode of action of toxins on a molecular basis. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of toxin research, it is of vital impor­ tance that workers specializing in its different aspects should make a particular effort to exchange and keep up with new developments in this rapidly-expanding field. This has been one of the main purposes of the series of international meetings that have been held over the past ten years. The increasing interest in the results of toxin research can be explained partly by the growing general preoccupation with pollution and its toxic effects, which means that more anq more specialists in other fields are finding it necessary to keep in touch with current research into naturally occurring toxins. The papers in these volumes were presented at the Fourth International Symposium on Animal, Plant and Microbial Toxins, organized by the Inter­ national Society on Toxicology, held in Tokyo in September, 1974. The editors have decided to include both original reports and review articles, arranged according to disciplines. Editing has been kept to the minimum necessary for adequate comprehension of the materials.


Crustacea development microbial toxin nervous system research skin toxicology

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  • Kyozo Hayashi
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  • Yoshio Sawai
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  • Ryosuke Murata
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  • Masaru Funatsu
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  • Nobuo Tamiya
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