Topics in Plasma Diagnostics

  • I. M. Podgornyi

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The present volume is essentially a qualitative survey of modern trends in the diagnostics of high-temperature plasmas, with particular orientation toward laboratory plasmas of interest in connection with research in controlled thermonuclear fusion. Among the broad topics considered are probe diagnostics, optical methods (including the use of lasers and holography), microwave diagnostics, and diagnostics with particle beams. Having infor­ mation on these methods available in compact form and in one place, as is the case in the present volume, should make it pos­ sible to evaluate different diagnostic approaches to specific prob­ lems. The volume will be useful as an introduction for advanced students making their first contact with experimental plasma physics and for physicists and engineers who are entering the field and desire a rapid survey of principles and modern trends in the diagnostics of high-temperature plasmas. v Foreword to the American Edition The material in this book is based on lectures given at Mos­ cow State University. It is intended to acquaint the reader with the basic aspects of plasma diagnostics and contains information re­ quired for the experimental physicist who wishes to carry out straightforward measurements of laboratory plasmas. It will be evident that in choosing the material we have been guided pri­ marily by the scientific interests of the author, and the great bulk of the material is based on work carried out in the USSR.


Plasma electron experiment fusion holography information ion nuclear fusion physics plasma physics radiation temperature

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