Principles and Practice of Research

Strategies for Surgical Investigators

  • Hans Troidl
  • Walter O. Spitzer
  • Bucknam McPeek
  • David S. Mulder
  • Martin F. McKneally
  • Andrew S. Wechsler
  • Charles M. Balch

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxviii
  2. Investigators and Investigation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. R. C.-J. Chiu, D. S. Mulder
      Pages 10-15
    3. D. C. Sabiston Jr.
      Pages 16-24
    4. C. M. Balch, M. F. McKneally, B. McPeek, D. S. Mulder, W. O. Spitzer, H. Troidl et al.
      Pages 25-30
    5. A. S. Wechsler, M. F. McKneally, C. M. Balch, F. Mosteller, B. McPeek, D. S. Mulder
      Pages 31-40
  3. Starting the Research Process

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 47-47
    2. P. Hewitt
      Pages 49-62
    3. R. Lefering, E. A. M. Neugebauer
      Pages 63-68
    4. E. A. M. Neugebauer, B. McPeek, S. Wood-Dauphinée
      Pages 69-80
    5. M. T. Schechter, F. E. LeBlanc, V. A. Lawrence
      Pages 81-87
    6. R. E. Pollock, C. M. Balch, J. Roth, B. McPeek, F. Mosteller
      Pages 88-90
    7. D. J. Roy, P. McL. Black, B. McPeek
      Pages 91-103
    8. W. O. Spitzer, S. M. Horwitz
      Pages 104-113
    9. B. McPeek, F. Mosteller, M. F. McKneally, E. A. M. Neugebauer
      Pages 114-125
    10. M. S. Kramer
      Pages 126-143
    11. R. C.-J. Chiu, D. S. Mulder
      Pages 144-150
    12. S. Wood-Dauphinée, H. Troidl
      Pages 151-168
    13. S. A. Marion, M. T. Schechter
      Pages 169-180
    14. M. T. Schechter
      Pages 181-191
    15. M. E. Charlson, N. A. Johanson, P. G. Williams
      Pages 192-200
    16. S. W. Dziuban Jr., G. G. Bernstein, R. G. Margolese
      Pages 201-213
    17. W. O. Spitzer
      Pages 214-219
    18. R. E. Pollock, J. E. Niederhuber, C. M. Balch
      Pages 220-228
  4. Implementation of Research

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 229-229
    2. B. C. Walters, D. L. Sackett
      Pages 231-248
    3. L. Del Greco, J. I. Williams, D. S. Mulder
      Pages 249-256
    4. G. T. Christakis, R. D. Weisel
      Pages 257-261
    5. H. D. Reines, L. Oxley-Droter
      Pages 262-269
    6. M. F. Brennan
      Pages 270-275
    7. R. G. Margolese, C. M. Balch
      Pages 276-289
    8. J. I. Williams
      Pages 290-307
    9. J. S. Barkun, A. N. Barkun, D. S. Mulder, R. N. Battista
      Pages 313-321
    10. R. C.-J. Chiu, D. S. Mulder
      Pages 322-325
    11. W. H. Isselhard, J. Kusche
      Pages 330-341
    12. J. A. Drebin, S. W. Hartzell, J. E. Niederhuber
      Pages 342-353
    13. T. Yeh Jr., A. S. Wechsler
      Pages 354-365
    14. H. L. Galiana
      Pages 366-373
  5. Reporting Your Work

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 375-375
    2. A. V. Pollock, M. E. Evans
      Pages 377-379
    3. B. A. Pruitt Jr., A. D. Mason Jr.
      Pages 380-383
    4. A. V. Pollock, M. E. Evans
      Pages 384-387
    5. A. S. Wechsler
      Pages 388-389
    6. J. A. Bennett, M. F. McKneally
      Pages 390-395
    7. A. V. Pollock, M. E. Evans, N. J. B. Wiggin, C. M. Balch
      Pages 396-403
    8. N. J. B. Wiggin, J. C. Bailar III, B. McPeek, C. B. Mueller, W. O. Spitzer
      Pages 404-410

About this book


What is the best way to plan surgical research? What problems are most often encountered in clinical research? How should a research report be presented at a scientific meeting? These questions and more are all answered in Principles and Practice of Research.The second edition has added new sections on animal research models, the molecular and cellular dimension of surgical research, and practical guidelines for obtaining government and third-party funding. Other improvements include a friendlier discussion of statistics and updated material about on-line computer literature searches. This book provides every clinical researcher with a roadmap around the pitfalls of poorly designed studies, through the jungle of incomprehensible statistics, and over the hurdles of research reporting to a successful study from start to finish. From the reviews of the first edition: "For me, it is a bible and a must for every Ph.D. or M.D. involved in clinical research, especially in the field of surgery. It should be on the table - not on the book shelf - of both the young as well as the experienced investigator as a readily accessible source of information to avoid the trial-and-error approach to problems in surgical research." #World Journal of Surgery#1 "...a carefully conceived, concise blend of factual theory and principles, practical guidelines, and philosophical perspective... ...I have found it hard to identify any omission (even a selected bibliography on laboratory animals, their care, handling, and anatomy is included) and impossible to single out any individual contribution: each is a treasure - well written, concise, and complete." #The Lancet#2 "The feature of the book is that, despite attention to detail, it maintains a clear and practical approach to the whole field, beginning with the reasons for carrying out research, the types of research, and above all the reporting of research... ...Almost all aspects of research are covered, from small retrospective studies to departmental, institutional, national and international projects... ...The chapter on writing for publication should be compulsory reading for all budding authors." #Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery#3


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  • Bucknam McPeek
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  • David S. Mulder
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