Linux Universe

Installation and Configuration

  • Stefan Strobel
  • Thomas Uhl

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About this book


ongratulations on the purchase of your new Linux Universe C CD. Welcome to the universe of Linux! This manual is meant to help you install Linux on your computer and work with Linux. Linux Universe is preconfigured and deliv­ ered on CD-ROM for the utmost in ease of installation. We aim to minimize your installation effort. Since you do not have to copy files to your hard disk, Linux Universe enables you to start working immediately. Nevertheless, all sources and documenta­ tion are available on-line at any time. These instructions do not replace books on UNIX. This User's Manual only explains the most important operations regarding installation and provides you with necessary information. We assume that you are acquainted with computers and software and that UNIX is not totally new to you. For more information on Linux and a more detailed overview of the system, please refer to our book: Linux - Unleashing the Workstation in your PC Stefan Strobel, Thomas Uhl Springer-Verlag ISBN 0-387-94601-2 Chapter 2 Features inux is a free UNIX-like operating system kernel. Our Linux L Universe Distribution includes this kernel together with many tools from the Free Software Foundation's GNU project and other freely available programs and utilities. They were developed by many volunteers all over the world. Together they build a complete UNIX-like system. To give you a better orientation, we offer the following summary of the most important features of Linux and our distribution: • A full-fledged 32-bit multi-user/multitasking UNIX system.


C++ programming language Linux UNIX development

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