Human Chromosomes

Structure, Behavior, Effects

  • Eeva Therman

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About this book


This book provides an introduction to human cytogenetics. It is also suitable for use as a text in a general cytogenetics course, since the basic features of chromosome structure and behavior are shared by all eukar­ yotes. Because my own background includes plant and animal cytoge­ netics, many of the examples are taken from organisms other than man. Since the book is written from a cytogeneticist's point of view, human syndromes are described only as illustrations of the effects of abnormal chromosome constitutions on the phenotype. The selection of the phe­ nomena to be discussed and of the photographs to illustrate them is, in many cases, subjective and arbitrary and is naturally influenced by my interests and the work done in our laboratory. The approach to citations is the exact opposite of that usually used in scientific papers. Whenever possible, the latest and/or most comprehen­ sive review has been cited, instead of the original publication. Thus the reader is encouraged to delve deeper into any question of interest to him or her. I am greatly indebted to many colleagues for suggestions and criticism. However, my special thanks are due to Dr. JAMES F. CROW, Dr. TRAUTE M. SCHROEDER, and Dr. CARTER DENNISTON for their courage in reading the entire manuscript. I wish to express my gratitude also to the cytogeneticists and editors who have generously permitted the use of published and unpublished photographs.


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