Design of New Materials

  • David L. Cocke
  • Abraham Clearfield

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  3. Dietmar Seyferth, Yuan-Fu Yu
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  4. Roy W. Rice
    Pages 169-194
  5. James J. Eberhardt
    Pages 257-273
  6. R. E. Newnham
    Pages 275-289
  7. M. Tenhover, R. S. Henderson, M. A. Hazle, D. Lukco, R. K. Grasselli
    Pages 329-356
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About this book


Dr. George P. Thomon, Nobel Laureate in Physics said, "We have labelled civilizations by the main materials which they have used: The Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age ••• a civilization is both developed and limited by the materials at its disposal. Today, man lives on the boundary between the Iron Age and a New Materials Age." The ever more stringent requirements for materials to accomplish specific functions and withstand extreme conditions, as dictated by the needs of industry and defense, con­ tinue to spur ever more intensive research in Materials Science. According to the recent report "Trends and Opportunities in Materials Research" a vital goal of materials research is to design synthesize and fabricate in high yield, new materials with properties that can be pre­ dicted, varied and controlled. In the past this has been a fairly empirical process, but as we gain more comprehensive understanding of the behavior of matter on an atomic and molecular scale this goal becomes ever more attain­ able. An important recent trend is the increasing sophistication and power of theoretical approaches. Aided by the development of computers and versa­ tile numerical techniques, as well as concepts from statistical mechanics, theorists are beginning to confront the complexity of real materials. Important advances are expected through a concentrated attack on model systems in which the theorist, experimental scientist and engineer all work together towards designing new materials and controlling their properties.


ceramics complexity computer design engine glass iron materials science mechanics metals polymer research rolling semiconductors statistical mechanics

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