Methods of Laser Spectroscopy

  • Yehiam Prior
  • Abraham Ben-Reuven
  • Michael Rosenbluh

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Few-Atom Laser Interactions

    1. C. Cohen-Tannoudji, J. Dalibard
      Pages 1-10
    2. S. Haroche
      Pages 25-32
    3. Steven Chu, J. E. Bjorkholm, A. Ashkin, L. Hollberg, Alex Cable
      Pages 41-49
  3. Time-Resolved Spectroscopy

    1. R. Beach, D. DeBeer, L. G. Van Wagenen, S. R. Hartmann
      Pages 87-95
    2. H. Lehmitz, W. Kattau, H. Harde
      Pages 97-100
    3. H. Burggraf, M. Kuckartz, H. Harde
      Pages 105-108
    4. H. Lehmitz, H. Harde
      Pages 109-112
  4. Stable Lasers and High Resolution Spectroscopy

    1. J. Harrison, A. Mooradian
      Pages 133-142
    2. T. W. Hänsch, R. G. Beausoleil, U. Boesl, B. Couillaud, C. J. Foot, E. A. Hildum et al.
      Pages 163-173
    3. J. Mlynek, E. Buhr, Chr. Tamm
      Pages 175-185
    4. R. G. DeVoe, C. Fabre, R. G. Brewer
      Pages 187-190
    5. Nir Katzenellenbogen, Yehiam Prior
      Pages 201-204
  5. Nonlinear Optics and Coherent Phenomena

    1. P. R. Berman, R. G. Brewer
      Pages 205-208
    2. James J. Valentini
      Pages 209-222
    3. Moshe Shapiro, Paul Brumer
      Pages 239-247
    4. F. W. Otto, F. X. D’Amato, M. Lukac, E. L. Hahn
      Pages 267-276
    5. W. M. Schreiber, N. Chencinski, A. M. Levine, A. N. Weiszmann
      Pages 289-293
    6. Yehiam Prior, Peter S. Stern
      Pages 295-299
    7. A. D. Wilson-Gordon, H. Friedmann, M. Rosenbluh
      Pages 301-305
    8. H. Friedmann, A. D. Wilson-Gordon
      Pages 307-312
    9. J.-Y. Liu, P. McNicholl, J. Ivri, T. Bergeman, H. Metcalf
      Pages 313-316
    10. I. Golub, G. Erez, R. Shuker
      Pages 317-320
    11. Y. Shevy, M. Rosenbluh, H. Friedmann
      Pages 325-329
    12. P. Hering, S. L. Cunha, K. L. Kompa
      Pages 331-334
    13. Meir Orenstein, Jacob Katriel, Shammai Speiser
      Pages 335-339
    14. Gershon Kurizki, M. Strauss, J. Oreg, A. Ben-Reuven
      Pages 341-345
  6. Laser-Molecule Interactions

    1. M. Braun, J. Y. Fan, W. Fuß, K. L. Kompa, G. Müller, W. E. Schmid
      Pages 367-378
    2. J. Misewich, P. A. Roland, M. M. T. Loy
      Pages 379-388

About this book


The Fritz Haber Symposium on Methods of Laser Spectroscopy was held in Ein Bokek, Israel, on the shores of the Dead Sea, on December 16-20, 1985. The location is the lowest place on earth, 392 meters below sea level. It was hoped that 120 active laser scientists, so lowly trapped in such a place, with the nearest entertainment 100 km away, will have no choice but to discuss laser spectroscopy. On the average, the Dead Sea area receives 3-4 days of rain each year, and this year these days all occurred during the conference. This did not mean the cancellation of the hikes, although the trip to Massada was conducted in the rain. The unexpected rains also caused flash floods in the area, and Ein Bokek was completely cut-off on Thursday night. The archeologist scheduled to speak after dinner, and the belly dancer scheduled to appear afterwards, (~ould not arrive, resulting in the only serious deviation from the original plan. The scientific program consisted of invited talks and contributed posters. The emphasis in selection of invited speakers and topics was on the methods rather than specific molecular systems, and an attempt was made to allow ample time for discussion after each lecture. The same philosophy guided us in editing this book, and authors were requested to write manuscripts longer than usual for standard conference proceedings.


Modulation UV combustion electrodynamics electromagnetic field energy fluorescence spectroscopy hydrogen laser optics phase philosophy resonance spectroscopy stability

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  • Yehiam Prior
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  • Abraham Ben-Reuven
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  • Michael Rosenbluh
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