Electrochemical Detectors

Fundamental Aspects and Analytical Applications

  • T. H. Ryan

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The widely perceived utility of electrochemical detectors in High Performance Liquid Chromatography has focussed attention on a number of disparate aspects of electrochemistry related to their successful design and application. The papers in this volume deal with an extraordinarily wide range of topics but all have the common focus of electrochemical detection as a practical chromatographic tool. While it is certainly not essential to be familiar with the theoretical principles in order to utilize it successfully, the determined user of electrochemical detector will seek to have an understanding of the background. Some of the following pages will provide an excellent grounding as well as pointing the potential user in the direction of proven and possible applications in a variety of fields. The meeting, of which this book is a record, was the fifth event in the biannual Anglo-Czech Symposia in Electrochemistry. The organ­ izers of that meeting were extremely pleased to welcome a select group of scientists from the J Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry to the meeting, thus continuing a tradition of cooperation and friendship going back over ten years. The contributions of the visitors to the scientific content of the meeting were enthusiastically received and their participation in the informal and social activities can only have furthered the cause of cooperation and good will between our two countries.


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