Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of Coronaviruses

  • P. J. M. Rottier
  • B. A. M. van der Zeijst
  • W. J. M. Spaan
  • M. C. Horzinek

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 173)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Molecular Biology of Coronaviruses

    1. Overview

      1. Brian W. J. Mahy
        Pages 1-10
    2. Viral Proteins and Maturation

      1. David F. Stern, Bartholomew Sefton
        Pages 11-23
      2. Kathryn V. Holmes, Mark F. Frana, Susan G. Robbins, Lawrence S. Sturman
        Pages 37-52
      3. Peter Rottier, Dorothée Brandenburg, John Armstrong, Ben van der Zeijst, Graham Warren
        Pages 53-64
      4. D. J. Garwes, Lynne Bountiff, G. C. Millson, Carole J. Elleman
        Pages 79-93
      5. Marck J. M. Koolen, Albert D. M. E. Osterhaus, Kees H. J. Siebelink, Marian C. Horzinek, Bernard A. M. van der Zeijst
        Pages 115-116
      6. J. F. Vautherot, J. Laporte, M. F. Madelaine, P. Bobulesco, A. Roseto
        Pages 117-132
      7. John F. Boyle, Niels C. Pedersen, James F. Evermann, Alison J. McKeirnan, Richard L. Ott, John W. Black
        Pages 133-147
      8. B. L. DeVald, J. C. Gerdes, J. S. Burks, M. C. Kemp
        Pages 151-152
      9. M. C. Kemp, A. Harrison, J. C. Hierholzer, J. S. Burks
        Pages 153-154
    3. Virus Specific RNAs: Structure and Replication

      1. John Armstrong, Sjef Smeekens, Willy Spaan, Peter Rottier, Ben van der Zeijst
        Pages 155-162
      2. Willy Spaan, Hajo Delius, Mike A. Skinner, John Armstrong, Pete Rottier, Sjef Smeekens et al.
        Pages 173-186
      3. Michael M. C. Lai, Ralph S. Baric, Peter R. Brayton, Stephen A. Stohlman
        Pages 187-200
      4. Heiner Niemann, Gudrun Heisterberg-Moutsis, Rudolf Geyer, Hans-Dieter Klenk, Manfred Wirth
        Pages 201-213
      5. Lynne Bountiff, David J. Garwes, Geoffrey C. Millson, G. David Baird
        Pages 225-226
  3. Pathogenesis of Coronaviruses

    1. Overview

      1. Volker ter Meulen
        Pages 227-235
      2. Ehud Lavi, Donald H. Gilden, Maureen K. Highkin, Susan R. Weiss
        Pages 237-245
      3. Ehud Lavi, Donald H. Gilden, Maureen K. Highkin, Susan R. Weiss
        Pages 247-257
      4. L. D. Jankovsky, J. S. Burks, P. Licari, B. L. Devald, M. C. Kemp
        Pages 271-276
      5. O. Sorensen, S. Beushausen, S. Puchalski, S. Cheley, R. Anderson, M. Coulter-Mackie et al.
        Pages 279-298
      6. Mario van Berlo, Guus Wolswijk, Jero Calafat, Marian Horzinek, Ben van der Zeijst
        Pages 299-300
      7. Lucie Lamontagne, Jean-Marie Dupuy
        Pages 315-326
      8. Reinald Repp, Teruko Tamura, Hans-Dieter Klenk, Heiner Niemann
        Pages 327-329
      9. Jerold G. Woodward, John O. Fleming, Glenn K. Matsushima, Jeffrey A. Frelinger, Stephen A. Stohlman
        Pages 331-343
      10. Gary A. Levy, Robert Shaw, Julian L. Leibowitz, Edward Cole
        Pages 345-364
      11. Niels C. Pedersen, John W. Black, John F. Boyle, James F. Evermann, Alison J. McKeirnan, Richard L. Ott
        Pages 365-380
      12. H. Laude, B. Charley, C. La Bonnardiere
        Pages 385-386
      13. J. S. Burks, B. L. DeVald, J. C. Gerdes, I. T. McNally, M. C. Kemp
        Pages 393-394
      14. C. Vanden Broecke, P. P. Pastoret, A. Schwers, A. Goossens, B. Lansival, L. Bugyaki et al.
        Pages 395-396
      15. G. A. Levy, P. J. MacPhee, L. S. Fung, M. M. Fisher, A. M. Rappaport
        Pages 397-399
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 401-409

About this book


The present volume contains the Proceedings of an EMBO Workshop organized in June 1983 by the Institute of Virology, Veterinary Faculty, State University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Some 70 scientists from 11 countries followed the invitation to present and discuss their recent data on the structure, replication, genetics and pathogenesis of coronaviruses. It was the second international meeting on these viruses; the Workshop, which was held in Zeist near Utrecht followed the example of the Wuerzburg symposium of October 1980. At that time it became clear that coronaviruses are unique in many respects. Once a group of viruses that were defined merely on the basis of their characteristic peplomer morphology, Coronaviridae family members are known today - to be constructed from essentially three polypeptides - to use a "nested set" of 5-6 subgenomic mRNAs in the expression of their large, positive and single stranded RNA genome, - to generate these subgenomic RNAs through specific fusion of non­ contiguous sequences, - to mature by budding from intracellular membranes, - to cause persistent infection with neurological involvement and sometimes immunopathological conditons. These and many other findings have been established only very recently. The articles collected in this book reveal and/or further detail these findings. Since these Proceedings contain the combined scientific presentations of representatives from virtually all laboratories engaged in the field, they provide a fairly comprehensive review of the state of the art in corona­ virology.


RNA biology genetics infection membrane molecular biology pathogenesis virology

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  • B. A. M. van der Zeijst
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  • M. C. Horzinek
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