Field Theory in Elementary Particles

  • Arnold Perlmutter

Part of the Studies in the Natural Sciences book series (SNS, volume 19)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. P. A. M. Dirac
    Pages 1-10
  3. David J. Gross
    Pages 11-29
  4. Howard Georgi
    Pages 31-47
  5. William J. Marciano
    Pages 71-93
  6. George W. Collins II, Gerald H. Newsom
    Pages 163-191
  7. John H. Schwarz
    Pages 193-212
  8. F. R. Ore Jr., P. van Nieuwenhuizen
    Pages 213-237
  9. Daniel L. Scharre
    Pages 239-261
  10. Carl E. Carlson
    Pages 263-275
  11. Richard C. Brower
    Pages 293-304
  12. Giuliano Preparata
    Pages 305-321
  13. Gordon L. Shaw, Dennis J. Silverman
    Pages 349-363
  14. Stuart Raby
    Pages 365-378
  15. Don Weingarten
    Pages 393-406
  16. Yadin Y. Goldschmidt
    Pages 407-417
  17. N. H. Christ
    Pages 419-433
  18. B. Sakita
    Pages 435-452
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 453-469

About this book


We respectfully submit these proceedings of the 1982 Orbis Scientiae for your reading enjoyment. As always, the success of the conference was due to the hard work and wisdom of the moderators and dissertators. This year, in addition to the excellent overview of QCD and GUT, and the customary reports of the latest progress in theoretical and experimental particle physics, there have been discussions of new developments in astrophysics and especially of field theory and composite models. We wish also to note here that the 1981 Orbis paper by Stephen S. Pinsky on "Death of Fractional Topological Charge" was actually co-authored by William F. Palmer of Ohio State University, whose name was inadvertently omitted from the authorship, due to a series of misunderstandings. As in the past, this Orbis Scientiae 1982 was supported on a small scale by the Department of Energy, and this year as well by the National Science Foundation, on the same scale. We would like to thank Mrs. Helga S. Billings for her excellent typing for the n-th time, where n is a large number. This series of proceedings is also enhanced by Linda Scott's editorial help which includes improvements in the presentation of some of the papers.


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