Neurobiology of Cerebrospinal Fluid 2

  • James H. Wood

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xli
  2. Thomas H. Milhorat, M. Kathryn Hammock
    Pages 1-23
  3. Isidoor R. Leusen, Jaak J. Weyne, Gerard M. Demeester
    Pages 25-42
  4. John G. Nutt
    Pages 67-75
  5. Lars von Knorring, Lars Terenius, Agneta Wahlström
    Pages 83-96
  6. Yoshio Hosobuchi, Floyd E. Bloom
    Pages 97-105
  7. Robert M. Post, Philip W. Gold, David R. Rubinow, Frederick K. Goodwin, James C. Ballenger, William E. Bunney Jr.
    Pages 107-141
  8. James C. Ballenger, Robert M. Post, Frederick K. Goodwin
    Pages 143-155
  9. Ian J. Butler, William E. Seifert Jr., John W. Ferkany, Nancy L. Vernon, S. J. Enna
    Pages 157-162
  10. William J. McEntee, Robert G. Mair, Philip J. Langlais
    Pages 163-171
  11. George B. Brown, John R. Smythies, Richard D. Morin
    Pages 173-177
  12. Leslie F. Major, Peter S. Dendel, Pauline Lerner, Robert M. Post
    Pages 179-196
  13. Kenneth L. Davis, Paul J. Goodnick
    Pages 197-203
  14. Naren L. Banik, Edward L. Hogan
    Pages 205-231
  15. Stanley I. Rapoport
    Pages 233-245
  16. Eric G. Brunngraber
    Pages 247-261
  17. Benjamin Rix Brooks, Robert L. Hirsch, Patricia K. Coyle
    Pages 263-329
  18. Michael J. Walsh, Wallace W. Tourtellotte, Alfred R. Potvin
    Pages 331-368
  19. Robert W. Tofte
    Pages 387-393
  20. J. Peter Glass, Paul T. Wertlake
    Pages 411-425
  21. George F. Ascherl Jr., Sadek K. Hilal, Ronald Brisman
    Pages 427-439
  22. Dorcas S. Fulton, Victor A. Levin, Warren P. Lubich, Charles B. Wilson, Laurence J. Marton
    Pages 441-452
  23. Riccardo Riccardi, David G. Poplack, W. Archie Bleyer
    Pages 453-466
  24. Michael E. Trigg, Diamon Gangji, David G. Poplack
    Pages 467-479
  25. Jonathan Hellmann, Robert C. Vannucci
    Pages 497-516
  26. Philip J. Moldofsky, Robert A. Zimmerman
    Pages 517-536
  27. Umeo Ito, Tohru Fukumoto, Yutaka Inaba
    Pages 541-557
  28. Karl G. Kjellin
    Pages 559-570
  29. William P. Blaso, David J. Boullin
    Pages 571-578
  30. Richard P. White, A. Ainsworth Hagen, James T. Robertson
    Pages 579-590
  31. H. Richard Winn, G. Rafael Rubio, Robert M. Berne
    Pages 591-601
  32. G. Rodney Meeks, John C. Morrison, Stewart A. Fish, Winfred L. Wiser
    Pages 603-613
  33. Bjørn Magnaes
    Pages 629-642
  34. John H. M. van Eijndhoven, Cees J. J. Avezaat
    Pages 643-660
  35. Lars Edvinsson, Maria Lindvall, Christer Owman, Kurt A. West
    Pages 661-676
  36. Richard N. Johnson, J. Douglas Mann, Charles J. Maffeo, Albert B. Butler, Norman H. Bass
    Pages 697-706
  37. Albert B. Butler, Ralph G. Dacey Jr., Charles J. Maffeo, J. Douglas Mann, Richard N. Johnson, Norman H. Bass
    Pages 707-726
  38. Ralph G. Dacey Jr., John A. Jane, W. Michael Scheld, H. Richard Winn, Merle A. Sande
    Pages 727-738
  39. J. Douglas Mann, Richard N. Johnson, Albert B. Butler, Norman H. Bass
    Pages 739-751

About this book


Since the publication of Neurobiology of Cerebrospinal Fluid 1 in 1980, that text has become the definitive reference concerning cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) for both basic scientists and clinicians involved in the investigation of degenerative, convulsive, cerebrovascular, traumatic, immunological, demyelinating, inflammatory, neoplastic, neuroendocrine, and psychiatric disorders. That initial volume began a tradition of detailed topic reviews written by international authorities with first-hand expertise in their respective fields of CSF research. Neurobiology of Cerebrospinal Fluid 2 represents a hefty collection of extensively refer­ enced and illustrated chapters covering topics not discussed in Vol. 1. More specifically, these chapters contain ample charts of original data, summary charts, and anatomical diagrams. Detailed illustrations of experimental and clinical techniques have been in­ cluded to facilitate their practical application. Each chapter in this multidisciplinary text has been critically reviewed by two experts in the respective field, and the appropriate revisions have been made. Recently published references and text modifications have been added at the proof stage in an effort to provide the most up-to-date review chapters possible.


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  • James H. Wood
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  1. 1.Division of NeurosurgeryEmory University School of MedicineAtlantaUSA

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