Sintering and Related Phenomena

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Sintering and Related Phenomena, held at the University of Notre Dame, June 5–7, 1972

  • G. C. Kuczynski

Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 6)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Point Defects and Transport Phenomena

    1. Anne-Marie Anthony
      Pages 1-18
    2. A. D. Franklin
      Pages 19-27
    3. J. Bruce Wagner Jr.
      Pages 29-47
    4. P. Jurczak, D. H. Whitmore
      Pages 49-54
    5. V. S. Stubican, C. Greskovich, W. P. Whitney
      Pages 55-63
  3. Grain Growth and Ostwald Ripening

  4. Sintering I (General)

    1. R. L. Coble
      Pages 177-190
    2. C. B. Shumaker, R. M. Fulrath
      Pages 191-199
    3. J. E. Sheehan, F. V. Lenel, G. S. Ansell
      Pages 201-208
    4. Alan J. Markworth, William Oldfield
      Pages 209-216
    5. G. C. Kuczynski
      Pages 217-224
    6. A. Doi, B. R. Seidel, D. L. Johnson
      Pages 247-252
    7. W. Raja Rao, Ivan B. Cutler
      Pages 253-260
  5. Sintering II (Non-Isothermal)

    1. Stephen Brennom, D. Lynn Johnson
      Pages 269-274
    2. H. Palmour III, M. L. Huckabee
      Pages 275-282
    3. D. Uskokovic, M. M. Ristic
      Pages 283-292
    4. C. S. Morgan, K. H. McCorkle, G. L. Powell
      Pages 293-299
  6. Sintering III (Fine Particles)

    1. P. Vergnon, M. Astier, S. J. Teichner
      Pages 301-310
    2. P. A. Badkar, J. E. Bailey, H. A. Barker
      Pages 311-321
    3. H. Igarashi, G. C. Kuczynski, J. Endo
      Pages 323-329
  7. Sintering IV (Application of Models to Actual Compacts)

    1. A. L. Stuijts
      Pages 331-350
    2. H. E. Exner, G. Petzow, P. Wellner
      Pages 351-362
    3. D. Lynn Johnson
      Pages 363-368
  8. Hot Pressing

    1. R. S. Bradbeer, A. C. D. Chaklader
      Pages 395-407
    2. Michael R. Notis, Paul A. Urick, Richard M. Spriggs
      Pages 409-416
    3. William J. McDonough, Richard M. Spriggs
      Pages 417-424
  9. Applications

    1. B. H. Hamling, F. P. Gortsema, A. W. Naumann
      Pages 425-430
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 449-451

About these proceedings


In this volume there is set forth the text of the Pro­ ceedings of the Third International Conference on Sintering and Related Phenomena, which conference was held at the University of Notre Dame on June 5-7, 1972. This conference was the seventh in the series of University Conferences on Ceramic Science organized yearly by a happy "confederation" of four institutions; North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina; the University of California, Berkeley, California; Alfred University, Alfred, New York; and the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana. The 1972 Conference at Notre Dame was devoted to prob­ lems of sintering and allied phenomena. Previous gatherings at Notre Dame took place in 1954 and 1965. The proceedings of the first Notre Dame Conference were not published by reason of the conviction that a free forum similar in spirit to the Gordon Conferences should prevail. However, discus­ sions of the second Conference were preserved for posterity in a rather substantial volume (894 pp) published by Gordon and Breach in 1967. As the spirit of free exchange of ideas was not diminished by threat of publication of the revela­ tions of the second Notre Dame Conference, we deemed it just that the 1972 Proceedings be made public. Thus the present volume is a report upon progress realized in our science during the past six years.


ceramics electron microscopy metals microscopy science sintering

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  • G. C. Kuczynski
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  1. 1.Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials ScienceUniversity of Notre DameNotre DameUSA

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