Computer Applications in the Earth Sciences

An International Symposium Proceedings of a conference on the state of the art held on campus at The University of Kansas, Lawrence on 16–18 June 1969. Sponsored by the Kansas Geological Survey, International Association for Mathematical Geology, and University of Kansas Extension

  • Daniel F. Merriam
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It has been evident for several years that a summary of where we came from, where we are, and where we are going with computer-oriented research was not only desir­ able but necessary. The application of computers by earth scientists is numerous and the methods have proved of val­ ue in problem solving as well as data processing. Many methods unknown or unavailable just a few years ago now are used routinely. An overall appraisal of the methods at this time is deemed more than appropriate. Preface to the program was stated as Computer applications in the earth sciences is the subject of this International Symposium held on campus at The University of Kansas at Lawrence on 16, 17, and 18 June 1969. The symposium, the sixth in a series, is sponsored by the Kansas Geological Survey, International As­ sociation for Mathematical Geology, and University Extension. Papers by leading experts in their field stress the "status-of-the-art." Speakers will discuss the use of computers in the earth sciences, past, present, and future. The meeting is planned for those not acquainted with the tremendous ad­ vancements made in quantitative methods in recent years and those who are interested in future pos­ sibilities.


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