ADP-Ribose Transfer Reactions

Mechanisms and Biological Significance

  • Myron K. Jacobson
  • Elaine L. Jacobson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Enzymology of ADP-Ribosylation

    1. Joel Moss, Su-Chen Tsai, Ronald Adamik, Hao-Chia Chen, Sally J. Stanley
      Pages 1-6
    2. Elaine L. Jacobson, Mingkwan Mingmuang, Nasreen Aboul-Ela, Myron K. Jacobson
      Pages 13-17
    3. Paul W. Ludden, Scott A. Murrell, Robert G. Lowery, Wayne P. Fitzmaurice, Mark R. Pope, Leonard R. Saari et al.
      Pages 18-25
    4. Koichiro Yoshihara, Yasuharu Tanaka, Asako Itaya, Tomoya Kamiya, Takashi Hironaka, Takeyoshi Minaga et al.
      Pages 39-46
    5. Kazuyuki Hatakeyama, Yasuo Nemoto, Kunihiro Ueda, Osamu Hayaishi
      Pages 47-52
    6. Rafael Alvarez-Gonzalez, Joel Moss, Claude Niedergang, Felix R. Althaus
      Pages 53-56
    7. Luc Menard, Louis Thibault, Alain Gaudreau, Guy G. Poirier
      Pages 57-61
    8. Isamu Kameshita, Yasuhiro Mitsuuchi, Michiko Matsuda, Yutaka Shizuta
      Pages 71-75
    9. Daniel Lamarre, Gilbert de Murcia, Brian Talbot, Claude Laplante, Yvan Leduc, Guy Poirier
      Pages 76-80
    10. Alice Mazen, Daniel Lamarre, Guy Poirier, Gérard Gradwohl, Gilbert de Murcia
      Pages 89-93
    11. Sarada C. Prasad, Peter J. Thraves, Jane Boyle, Anatoly Dritschilo
      Pages 94-100
    12. Piera Quesada, Maria Rosaria Faraone-Mennella, Mario De Rosa, Agata Gambacorta, Barbara Nicolaus, Benedetta Farina
      Pages 101-104
    13. Hélène Thomassin, Paul Mandel
      Pages 125-129
    14. Marek Banasik, Hajime Komura, Isao Saito, Nazar A. N. Abed, Kunihiro Ueda
      Pages 130-133
    15. Hiroshi Ushiro, Yutaka Shizuta
      Pages 134-138
    16. Hisashi Yamanaka, Erik H. Willis, Carol A. Penning, Carol L. Peebles, M. Tan, Dennis A. Carson
      Pages 139-144
    17. Jingyuan Zhang, Ramaswami Kalamegham, Kaney Ebisuzaki
      Pages 145-150
  3. ADP-Ribosylation and Chromatin Function

    1. Felix R. Althaus, Georg Mathis, Rafael Alvarez-Gonzalez, Pius Loetscher, Marianne Mattenberger
      Pages 151-157
    2. Ann Huletsky, Gilbert de Murcia, Sylviane Muller, Daniel Lamarre, Michel Hengartner, Guy Poirier
      Pages 158-164
    3. Maria E. Cardenas-Corona, Elaine L. Jacobson, Myron K. Jacobson
      Pages 173-178
    4. Farzin Farzaneh, George N. Panayotou, Lucas D. Bowler, Timothy Broom, Sydney Shall
      Pages 189-193
    5. Samson T. Jacob, Jane F. Mealey, Rabinder N. Kurl
      Pages 194-199
    6. Gérard Gradwohl, Josette Dunand, Alice Mazen, Gilbert de Murcia
      Pages 206-212
    7. Pius Loetscher, Rafael Alvarez-Gonzalez, Felix R. Althaus
      Pages 213-217
    8. Kazuhiko Nakagawa, Prince Masahito, Takatoshi Ishikawa, Haruo Sugano, Hisae Kawamitsu, Masanao Miwa et al.
      Pages 222-224
  4. Carcinogenesis and Differentiation

    1. P. Cerutti, G. Krupitza, D. Mühlematter
      Pages 225-234
    2. William F. Morgan, James E. Cleaver, Jeff D. Shadley, John K. Wiencke, Sheldon Wolff
      Pages 235-241
    3. Alexander Bürkle, Thomas Meyer, Helmuth Hilz, Harald zur Hausen
      Pages 245-249
    4. Jeffrey C. Baker, Stephen Smale, Bruce N. Ames
      Pages 254-260
    5. Nitaipada Bhattacharyya, Sharmila Das Gupta, Sukhendu B. Bhattacharjee
      Pages 261-264

About this book


Current interest in NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) in biological systems focuses on its role in ADP-ribose transfer reactions. These appear to be fundamentally involved in the regulation of many physiological processes. The contributions in this monograph thus represent the range of research in the very active investigation of niacin metabolism. The major topics covered are: ??? - Enzymology of ADP-Ribosylation - ADP-Ribosylation and Chromatin Function - Carcinogenesis and Differentiation - NAD Metabolism and Chemotherapy - ADP-Ribosylation and Signal Transduction - Molecular Genetic Approaches to ADP-Ribosylation


ATP Amino acid Calcium Colon DNA Nucleotide Purine RNA enzymes metabolism transcription

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