Acoustical Holography

Volume 6

  • Newell Booth

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. J. R. Suarez, K. W. Marich, J. F. Holzemer, J. Taenzer, P. S. Green
    Pages 1-13
  3. K. R. Erikson, B. J. O’Loughlin, J. J. Flynn, E. J. Pisa, J. E. Wreede, R. E. Greer et al.
    Pages 15-55
  4. O. T. von Ramm, F. L. Thurstone, J. Kisslo
    Pages 91-102
  5. D. J. Phillips, S. W. Smith, O. T. von Ramm, F. L. Thurstone
    Pages 103-120
  6. Albert Macovski, Stephen J. Norton
    Pages 121-143
  7. David Vilkomerson, Bernard Hurley
    Pages 145-164
  8. R. S. Mezrich, K. F. Etzold, D. H. R. Vilkomerson
    Pages 165-191
  9. S. A. Johnson, J. F. Greenleaf, F. A. Duck, A. Chu, W. R. Samayoa, B. K. Gilbert
    Pages 193-211
  10. S. A. Farnow, B. A. Auld
    Pages 259-273
  11. J. Fraser, J. Havlice, G. Kino, W. Leung, H. Shaw, K. Toda et al.
    Pages 275-304
  12. Neal Tobochnik, Peter Spiegler, Richard Stern, Moses A. Greenfield
    Pages 327-343
  13. G. Wade, A. Coello-Vera, L. Schlussler, S. C. Pei
    Pages 345-362
  14. R. A. Smith
    Pages 363-383
  15. J. H. Cole, R. A. Smith, R. L. Johnson, P. G. Bhuta
    Pages 385-399
  16. M. Luetkemeyer, R. Diehl
    Pages 401-418
  17. Karyl-Lynn K. Stone
    Pages 419-434
  18. R. A. Hayward, E. L. Rope, G. Tricoles, On-Ching Yue
    Pages 469-483
  19. P. N. Keating, R. F. Koppelmann, T. Sawatari, R. F. Steinberg
    Pages 485-506
  20. P. N. Keating, R. F. Koppelmann, R. K. Mueller
    Pages 525-538
  21. R. F. Steinberg, P. N. Keating, R. F. Koppelmann
    Pages 539-556
  22. Katsumichi Suzuki, B. P. Hildebrand
    Pages 577-595
  23. G. C. Knollman, J. Weaver, J. Hartog, J. Bellin
    Pages 637-660
  24. P. C. Pedersen, D. A. Christensen
    Pages 711-739
  25. Back Matter
    Pages 741-760

About this book


This volume contains the Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Acoustical Holography and Imaging, held in San Diego, California, February 4-7, 1975. The title of this symposium differs from that of the first four by the addition of the word "Imaging", reflecting an increase in emphasis on nonholographic methods of acoustical visualization. For convenience, no change has been made in the title of this published series. The 38 papers presented here define the state-of-the-art in the rapidly developing field of acoustical holography and imaging. Many of them describe applications in such fields as medical diagnostics, microscopy, nondestructive testing, underwater viewing, and seismology. The Editor recognizes the diligent efforts of the authors in advancing the technology of Acoustical Imaging and thanks them for preparing and submitting descriptions of their work. The papers were selected with the able assistance of the Program Committee that con­ sisted of P.S. Green, Stanford Research Institute; J.F. Havlice, Stanford Microwave Laboratory; B.P. Hildebrand, Battelle Northwest; D.R. Holbrooke, Children's Hospital of San Francisco; P.N. Keating, Bendix Research Laboratories; A. Korpel, Zenith Radio Corporation; B.J. McKinley, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory; A.F. Metherell, University of Miami; J. Powers, Naval Postgraduate School; and F.L. Thurstone, Duke University. The Editor appreciates the help of the session chairmen: D.R. Holbrooke, Children's Hospital of San Francisco; Mahfuz Ahmed, Zenith Radio Corporation; R.K. Mueller, University of Minnesota; G. Wade, University of California at Santa Barbara; B.P.


Apertur diagnostics diffraction holography imaging techniques interferometry microscopy microwave nondestructive testing research seismology technology testing transmission visualization

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