Acoustical Holography

Volume 4 Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Acoustical Holography, held in Santa Barbara, California, April 10–12, 1972

  • Glen Wade
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Real-Time Imaging Systems

  3. High-Resolution Imaging Systems

    1. L. W. Kessler, P. R. Palermo, A. Korpel
      Pages 51-71
    2. B. A. Auld, R. J. Gilbert, K. Hyllested, C. G. Roberts, D. C. Webb
      Pages 73-96
  4. Systems for Bio-Medical Applications

    1. Philip S. Green, Louis F. Schaefer, Albert Macovski
      Pages 97-111
    2. Yoshimitsu Kikuchi, Daitaro Okuyama, Chihiro Kasai, Toshiaki Ebina, Motonao Tanaka, Yoshio Terasawa et al.
      Pages 113-126
    3. M. R. Sikov, F. R. Reich, J. L. Deichman
      Pages 147-156
    4. Bruce D. Sollish, Isaia Glaser
      Pages 157-171
  5. Array-Imaging Techniques

    1. A. K. Nigam, K. J. Taylor, G. M. Sessler
      Pages 173-194
    2. M. G. Maginness, G. B. Cook, L. G. Higgens
      Pages 195-213
    3. N. Takagi, T. Kawashima, T. Ogura, T. Yamada
      Pages 215-236
    4. N. H. Farhat, W. R. Guard, A. H. Farhat
      Pages 267-297
  6. Systems for Nondestructive Testing

    1. Morio Onoe, Mikio Takagi, Taketoshi Masumoto, Nobuo Hamano
      Pages 299-315
    2. F. G. Geil, G. Mott
      Pages 335-350
  7. Experimental Systems for Underwater and Seismic Exploration

    1. Jerry L. Sutton
      Pages 351-369
    2. Newell Booth, Ben Saltzer
      Pages 371-380
    3. Gerald L. Fitzpatrick
      Pages 381-400
  8. Theory and Methods

    1. Keith Wang, Glen Wade
      Pages 431-462
    2. M. D. Fox, F. L. Thurstone, O. T. von Ramm
      Pages 501-518
    3. Osman K. Mawardi
      Pages 519-532
    4. Justin L. Kreuzer
      Pages 583-597
    5. J. A. Cunningham, C. F. Quate
      Pages 667-685
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 717-740

About these proceedings


The latest progress in acoustical holography and related research areas, generally involving imaging by means of acoustic waves, was discussed and treated in depth at the Fourth International Symposium on Acoustical Holography, held in Santa Barbara, California on April 10-12, 1972. This volume contains the proceedings of that symposium. As the papers presented here indicate, a num­ ber of startling advances have been realized in the state-of-the-art since publication of Volume 3 of Acoustical Holography. Progress has been partic­ ularly impressive in the field of acoustical imag­ ing. The Fourth International Symposium represents something of alandmark conference in this respect. The scope of this volume is substantially broad­ er than the term "acoustical holography' usually implies and encompasses the whole area of visualiza­ tion, detection, and recording of sound fields whether with long wavelengths, microwaves, or with extrememly short sound wavelengths. The 37 sympo­ sium papers appear here each as aseparate chapter. In general, the work reported deals mainly with ex­ perimental and theoretical developments in the a­ bove areas. This work has significant practical potential use in terms of seismic sensing, under­ water imaging, non-destructive testing, real-time acoustic microscopy, and medical diagnosis.


Passe holography imaging microscopy microwave

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