Acoustical Holography

Volume 2

  • A. F. Metherell
  • Lewis Larmore

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Lewis Larmore
    Pages 1-5
  3. H. M. A. El-Sum
    Pages 7-22
  4. Osman K. Mawardi
    Pages 23-37
  5. James L. Fergason
    Pages 53-58
  6. John L. DuBois
    Pages 59-68
  7. A. F. Metherell, S. Spinak, E. J. Pisa
    Pages 69-85
  8. Willard H. Wells
    Pages 87-103
  9. B. A. Auld, R. C. Addison, D. C. Webb
    Pages 117-132
  10. W. A. Penn, J. L. Chovan
    Pages 133-172
  11. H. R. Farrah, E. Marom, R. K. Mueller
    Pages 173-183
  12. John Powers, John Landry, Glen Wade
    Pages 185-202
  13. A. W. Lohmann
    Pages 203-210
  14. A. L. Boyer, J. A. Jordan Jr., D. L. Van Rooy, P. M. Hirsch, L. B. Lesem
    Pages 211-223
  15. D. R. Holbrooke, H. R. Shibata, B. B. Hruska, E. McCurry, E. R. Miller
    Pages 251-263
  16. B. B. Brenden, D. R. Hoegger
    Pages 289-293
  17. E. J. Pisa, S. Spinak, A. F. Metherell
    Pages 295-303
  18. L. A. Cram, K. O. Rossiter
    Pages 349-351
  19. A. F. Metherell
    Pages 357-370
  20. Back Matter
    Pages 371-376

About this book


This volume presents the proceedings of the Second International Sym­ posium on Acoustical Holography, which was held at the Douglas Advanced Research Laboratories on 6 and 7 March 1969, fifteen months after the first symposium. Space was limited to about 110 seats, with representatives from nine countries attending. These countries included Canada, England, France, Japan, Mexico, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States. The symposium consisted of 21 formal papers. The twenty second, by Dr. U. Fehr, was not read, but is included in these proceedings. The manu­ script of the interesting paper on acoustic propagation in a turbulent medium which was read by Dr. O. K. Mawardi was not received in time for publication in these proceedings, and we look forward to its publication perhaps at a later date in the open literature. In addition to the formal papers there were three informal presentations at the end of the meeting which were given by Dr. A. Lohmann, by L. A. Cram and K. O. Rossiter, and by T. S. Graham, which are also included in these proceedings. At the end of the formal presentations Dr. Lewis Larmore summarized the symposium and discussed some of the highlights. For the symposium summary and a summary of these proceedings the reader is referred to Chapter 1.


Apertur Eikonal diffraction electronics filter holography imaging techniques interference laser optics research space

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