Acoustical Holography

Volume 1 Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Acoustical Holography, held at the Douglas Advanced Research Laboratories, Huntington Beach, California December 14–15, 1967

  • A. F. Metherell
  • H. M. A. El-Sum
  • Lewis Larmore

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. H. M. A. El-Sum
    Pages 1-25
  3. Byron B. Brenden
    Pages 57-71
  4. Justin L. Kreuzer, Paul E. Vogel
    Pages 73-95
  5. F. L. Thurstone
    Pages 113-125
  6. J. de Klerk
    Pages 139-148
  7. G. Wade, C. J. Landry, A. A. de Souza
    Pages 159-172
  8. D. Fritzler, E. Marom, R. K. Mueller
    Pages 249-255
  9. Dennis Gabor
    Pages 267-275
  10. A. F. Metherell, H. M. A. El-Sum, Lewis Larmore
    Pages 277-286
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 287-294

About these proceedings


Only a space limitation of 115 seats prevented this First International Symposium on Acoustical Holography from having an attendance of over 250. Unfortunately, the size of the auditorium of the Douglas Advanced Research Laboratories required that attendance be by invitation only, and many deserving and interested scientists could not be present. This volume presents the proceedings of the symposium, and hopefully will help compen­ sate those individuals who were unable to attend. The symposium itself consisted of sixteen formal papers. The seven­ teenth, by Dr. P. Greguss, was not received in time to be read but is included in these proceedings. The presence of Professor Dennis Gabor considerably enhanced the informal sessions, which frequently became as spirited as one might expect in a new field. Dr. H. M. A. El-Sum, a consultant to the Douglas Advanced Research Laboratories and a pioneer in the field of holography, set the stage with the first paper. He provided a general introduction to the physical principles and practical methods involved in optical and acoustical holography. His paper also included a summary of various specific techniques currently used in sound holography, with the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations involved for each approach.


diffraction fast Fourier transform (FFT) holography interference laser phase research sound space transparency ultrasound wave equation

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  • A. F. Metherell
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  • H. M. A. El-Sum
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  • Lewis Larmore
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  1. 1.Douglas Advanced Research LaboratoriesMcDonnell Douglas CorporationHuntington BeachUSA
  2. 2.El-Sum ConsultantsAthertonUSA

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