Solution Chemistry of Surfactants

Volume 1

  • K. L. Mittal

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. General Overview Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. E. Tomlinson, S. S. Davis, G. I. Mukhayer
      Pages 3-43
    3. F. Fujiwara, L. W. Reeves, M. Suzuki, J. A. Vanin
      Pages 63-77
    4. Yan-ching Jean, Belkacem Djermouni, Hans J. Ache
      Pages 129-152
    5. Pasupati Mukerjee
      Pages 153-174
    6. Edward A. Dennis, Anthony A. Ribeiro, Mary F. Roberts, Robert J. Robson
      Pages 175-194
    7. Garland D. Smith
      Pages 195-218
  3. Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Micellization in Aqueous Media

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 219-219
    2. J. E. Desnoyers, R. De Lisi, C. Ostiguy, G. Perron
      Pages 221-245
    3. E. W. Anacker
      Pages 247-265
    4. Norbert Muller
      Pages 267-295
    5. Folke Eriksson, Jan Christer Eriksson, Per Stenius
      Pages 297-310
    6. Z. A. Schelly, D. Y. Chao, G. Sumdani
      Pages 323-335
    7. Donn N. Rubingh
      Pages 337-354
    8. E. Tomlinsonl, D. E. Guveli, S. S. Davis, J. B. Kayes
      Pages 355-366
    9. Bernard McNicoll, James Sangster, H. P. Schreiber
      Pages 367-376
  4. Effect of Solvent, and Micelles in Nonaqueous Media

  5. Back Matter
    Pages 507-527

About this book


The 52nd Colloid and Surface Science Symposium of the Divis­ ion of Colloid and Surface Chemistry of the American Chemical Society was held in Knoxville, TN, June 12-14, 1978, and one of its Sections was devoted to the topic of Solution Chemistry of Surfactants. Although it was billed as the Section on Solution Chemistry of Surfactants, but it was indeed a veritable inter­ national symposium on this topic as 51 papers by about 100 con­ tributors from 12 countries were listed in the program. The present volume and its companion volume 2 document the proceedings of the above-mentioned Section on Solution Chemistry of Surfactants. In 1976 there was held an international symposium on Micellization, Solubilization and Microemulsions in Albany, l the proceedings of which have been chronicled in two volumes. A great deal of material dealing with micelles contributed by a legion of prominent researchers constitutes these volumes but a few subtopics were not adequately covered; so it was deemed appro­ priate to cover these topics as well as the recent progress in the general area of aggregation of surfactants in this Section. Also as it is the amphiphilicity or amphipathicity* of a surfact­ ant molecule which is responsible for both adsorption at inter­ faces and aggregation in solution, so it was considered quite apropos to include the topic of adsorption at interfaces in this Section. Concomitantly, the present volumes not only cover the aggregation phenomena but also the adsorption at interfaces.


alcohol interaction research

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