Laser Interaction and Related Plasma Phenomena

Volume 7

  • Heinrich Hora
  • George H. Miley

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. High Power Lasers

    1. Reed J. Jensen, David C. Cartwright
      Pages 1-7
    2. Kenneth R. Manes
      Pages 21-37
  3. X-Ray Lasers, Grasers, and Nuclear Pumped Lasers

    1. Barbara L. Whitten, Andrew U. Hazi
      Pages 53-65
    2. George Charatis, Garland E. Busch, Chester L. Shepard, Mordecai D. Rosen
      Pages 67-77
    3. B. Yaakobi, O. Barnouin, C. B. Collins, R. Epstein, A. Hauer, S. Letzring et al.
      Pages 89-108
    4. G. W. Kentwell, H. Hora, J. P. Sheerin, W. C. Stwalley, J. C. Wang
      Pages 109-117
    5. G. C. Baldwin
      Pages 119-131
    6. G. N. Hays, D. A. McArthur, D. A. Neal, J. K. Rice
      Pages 133-142
    7. Mark A. Prelas, Jay F. Kunze, Frederick P. Boody
      Pages 143-154
  4. Medium Intensity and Basic Interaction Experiments

    1. J. S. De Groot, K. Mizuno, J. H. Rogers, D. Rasmussen, P. W. Rambo, R. A. Stone
      Pages 167-178
    2. M. C. Richardson, G. G. Gregory, R. L. Keck, S. A. Letzring, R. S. Marjoribanks, F. J. Marshall et al.
      Pages 179-211
    3. D. R. Bach, D. W. Forslund, M. A. Yates, S. Evans, H. Koehler, R. Zacharias
      Pages 213-223
    4. P. Alaterre, H. Pépin, R. Fabbro, B. Faral
      Pages 225-239
    5. H. Figueroa, C. Joshi
      Pages 241-258
    6. A. Giulietti, M. Vaselli, F. Cornolti, D. Giulietti, M. Lucchesi
      Pages 259-270
    7. Heinrich Hora, William C. Stwalley, Paul D. Kleiber, John T. Bahns, James P. Sheerin
      Pages 271-277
    8. S. Eliezer, A. Loeb, A. Zibler, A. Arad, A. Ludmirsky, Y. Gazit et al.
      Pages 279-288
    9. Y. Sudera, E. R. Wooding, D. Brown
      Pages 289-298
    10. H. A. Baldis, D. M. Villeneuve, C. J. Walsh
      Pages 299-306
  5. Interaction Theory

    1. S. Eliezer, H. Hora, A. Ludmirsky, A. Loeb, B. Arad, A. Borowitz et al.
      Pages 329-346
    2. H. Hora, S. Eliezer, F. J. M. Farley, A. K. Ghatak, M. P. Goldsworthy, F. Green et al.
      Pages 347-369
    3. R. L. Berger, Gar. E. Busch, E. F. Gabl, R. J. Schroeder, C. L. Shepard, J. A. Tarvin
      Pages 371-382
    4. C. Deutsch, X. Garbet, G. Maynard
      Pages 383-394
  6. Fusion Experiments

    1. C. Yamanaka, S. Nakai, T. Yamanaka, Y. Izawa, K. Mima, K. Nishihara et al.
      Pages 395-419
    2. M. C. Richardson, P. W. McKenty, F. J. Marshall, C. P. Verdon, J. M. Soures, R. L. McCrory et al.
      Pages 421-448
    3. S. Nakai, H. Daido, M. Fujita, K. Terai, F. Miki, K. Nishihara et al.
      Pages 449-468
    4. R. Paul Drake
      Pages 469-476
    5. Bernard Meyer, Alain Saleres, Alain Decoster
      Pages 495-504
    6. D. Juraszek, M. Bernard, D. Billon, J. L. Bocher, P. A. Holstein, J. P. Le Breton et al.
      Pages 505-520
    7. D. R. Welch, G. H. Miley
      Pages 521-529
    8. K. A. Nugent, B. Luther-Davies, A. Perry
      Pages 531-544
    9. H. Kislev, G. H. Miley
      Pages 545-558
    10. R. A. Lerche, S. M. Lane, A. M. Hawryluk, N. M. Ceglio
      Pages 559-570
  7. ICF Reactors

    1. John M. McMahon
      Pages 571-579
    2. John H. Pitts
      Pages 581-590
    3. Gu Guoxiang, Mark A. Prelas, Jay F. Kunze
      Pages 603-611
    4. S. Eliezer, T. Tajima, N. M. Rosenbluth
      Pages 613-617
  8. Particle Beam Fusion

    1. S. Miyamoto, K. Imasaki, T. Ozaki, N. Yugami, T. Akiba, S. Sawada et al.
      Pages 619-629
    2. Koichi Kasuya, Kazuhiko Horioka, Hideki Tamura, Kenji Ishitoya, Yoshio Hashidate, Junichi Miyagawa
      Pages 631-654
    3. D. L. Cook, J. E. Maenchen, T. A. Mehlhorn, J. N. Olsen, T. J. Renk, C. L. Ruiz et al.
      Pages 655-671
    4. W. Bauer, H. Bluhm, K. Boehnel, A. Brandelik, P. Hoppé, H. U. Karow et al.
      Pages 673-687

About this book


The 7th International Workshop in the series LASER INTERACTION AND RELATED PLASMA PHENOMENA continued the high standards established by the earlier meetings in this series. It was organized under the directorship of Heinrich Hora and George H. Miley at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, with Fred Schwirzke as the local organizer. These workshops have presented many "firsts" in laser plasma interactions and especially in laser fusion. Some presentations provided continuity with the past, most represented advancements; however, in some workshops, progress did not appear to be occurring as rapidly as in others. Therefore, it was a special pleasure that in the present workshop when, on October 30, 1985, Chiyoe Yamanaka disclosed a breakthrough in the generation of fusion neutrons with laser fusion targets. The 7th Workshop also continued to represent other new fields of laser-plasma interaction. The progress reported was most pronounced in the fields of X-ray lasers, laser acceleration of particles by electrostatic double layers in plasmas, and a particle beam technique to solve the geometric problem of muon-catalyzed fusion. The development of laser-plasma interactions at medium to high laser intensities may be seen in its whole complexity from a brief review of prior conferences. At the first Workshop in 1969, a comprehensive review of the field was presented by the speakers with the opening address by N.


design electromagnetic wave electrons energy fission fusion glass ion microwave model modeling neutron resonance scattering simulation

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  2. 2.University of IllinoisUrbanaUSA

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