Gas Flow and Chemical Lasers

  • Michele Onorato

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Invited Lectures

    1. Petras V. Avizonis
      Pages 1-17
    2. Philip K. Baily, John H. S. Wang, Jack Finzi, Richard C. Smith
      Pages 19-33
    3. C. R. Giuliano, R. C. Lind, T. R. O’Meara, G. C. Valley
      Pages 35-54
    4. Gerd Herziger
      Pages 55-67
    5. William E. McDermott
      Pages 69-72
    6. Michael Salkind
      Pages 73-82
    7. R. I. Soloukhin
      Pages 83-95
    8. J. Woodroffe
      Pages 97-110
  3. Chemical Lasers

    1. Rolf W. F. Gross, John G. Coffer
      Pages 127-139
    2. L. Manfriani, J. Sandford, M. Carbonaro
      Pages 141-148
    3. L. H. Sentman, M. H. Nayfeh, W. O. Mosebach, P. Renzoni, K. Herrick, K. King et al.
      Pages 173-182
    4. G. V. Sholin, A. V. Demura, J. V. Karasev, G. P. Maksimov, G. L. Nedoseev, V. D. Rusanov et al.
      Pages 183-192
    5. Qi Zhuang, Xingbin Xie, Fengting Sang, Ruiping Huang, Siyuan Sun, Cunhao Zhang
      Pages 211-217
  4. Gasdynamic Lasers

    1. M. Duchet, J-P. Crançon, J. Solmon
      Pages 227-233
    2. Mitsuhiro Iyoda, Kazumi Sugino, Katsuhiko Komatsu, Tomoo Fujioka
      Pages 235-242
    3. David A. Russell, Yung K. Chu
      Pages 267-276
    4. Shigeki Saito, Minoru Obara, Tomoo Fujioka
      Pages 277-287
    5. Shunichi Sato, Mitsuhiro Iyoda, Tomoo Fujioka
      Pages 289-299
    6. W. Schall, P. Hoffmann, H. Hügel, W. Schock
      Pages 301-308
    7. W. Schall, H. Hügel
      Pages 309-317
    8. Hai-Xing Yan, Ji-Hua Xu
      Pages 319-327
  5. High Averaged Power Systems

    1. G. V. Abrosimov, S. A. Akhmanov, K. S. Klopovsky, E. A. Muratov, T. S. Pulinets, A. T. Rakhimov et al.
      Pages 341-347
    2. Walter H. Christiansen, R. J. Insuik
      Pages 349-358
    3. V. Fantini, V. Donati, L. Garifo, G. Incerti, A. Borghese
      Pages 367-374
    4. S. M. Fournier, M. L. Sentis, B. M. Forestier, B. L. Fontaine
      Pages 375-382
    5. A. S. Kaye, A. Delph, E. Hanley, C. Nicholson
      Pages 383-392
    6. K. S. Klopovsky, A. P. Osipov, I. G. Persiantsev, A. T. Rakhimov, T. V. Rakhimova, N. V. Suetin et al.
      Pages 403-409
    7. A. S. Kovalev, A. T. Rakhimov, N. V. Suetin, V. A. Feoktistov
      Pages 417-426
    8. G. B. Lopantseva, A. P. Napartovich, A. F. Pal, A. F. Perevoznov, I. G. Persiantsev, A. N. Starostin
      Pages 427-434
    9. W. Schock, H. Hügel
      Pages 435-442
    10. Marc L. Sentis, Bernard L. Fontaine, Bernard M. Forestier
      Pages 443-451
    11. Robert C. Sze
      Pages 453-457
  6. New Laser Media

    1. W. L. Bohn, W. Schall
      Pages 459-466
    2. H. Brunet, A. Birot, S. Busquets, J. Galy, P. Millet, Y. Salamero
      Pages 467-474
    3. V. I. Donin, G. N. Alferov
      Pages 475-481

About this book


This volume contains eight invited papers and seventy-three contributed papers presented at the Fourth International Symposium on Gas Flow and Chemical Lasers. which was held in Stresa. Italy. from September 13 to 17. 1984. The purpose of the Symposium was to record and discuss current research developments and applications related to high power lasers. Papers were solicited from the entire spectrum of activities, includ­ ing basic physics, aerothermodynamics, new laser media, laser design, diagnostic techniques, laser propagation. interaction phenom­ ena, applications. The Symposium was an opportunity for scientists and engineers representing all these disciplines to come together to report their recent work, to exchange ideas and to provide an up-to-date account of international progress in these fields. The contributed papers were reviewed by the members of the Scientific Advisory CoEmittee. who also took responsibility for formulating the program of invited lectures. As editor I wish to express my appreciation and my gratitude to people and organizations that made this Symposium a success: the Members of the Scientific Advisory Committee, the Members of the Local Organizing Committee, the Sponsors and the Symposium Secretary. A grateful acknowledgement is expressed to Dr. M. Sandra Oggiano for assistance in the organization of the Symposium and publication of these proceedings.


development dynamics fields laser paper physics thermodynamics

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