Dutch Elm Disease Research

Cellular and Molecular Approaches

  • Mariam B. Sticklen
  • James L. Sherald

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Elm Breeding and Cytology

    1. Hans M. Heybroek
      Pages 1-8
    2. Hans M. Heybroek
      Pages 16-25
    3. E. B. Smalley, R. P. Guries, D. T. Lester
      Pages 26-45
    4. Alden M. Townsend, Frank S. Santamour Jr.
      Pages 46-50
    5. Lawrence R. Schreiber
      Pages 51-59
    6. Frank S. Santamour Jr.
      Pages 69-74
  3. Tissue Culture & Toxins

    1. David F. Karnosky, Gopi K. Podila
      Pages 75-80
    2. Subhash C. Domir, M. B. Sticklen, P. M. Pijut, M. G. Bolyard, R. D. Lineberger
      Pages 81-88
    3. M. Yaguchi, M. Pusztai-Carey, C. Roy, W. K. Surewicz, P. R. Carey, K. J. Stevenson et al.
      Pages 152-170
    4. Mark G. Bolyard, Mariam B. Sticklen
      Pages 171-180
    5. Subhash C. Domir, Lawrence R. Schreiber, Paula M. Pijut
      Pages 181-187
    6. D. M. Elgersma, T. Roosien, R. J. Scheffer
      Pages 188-192
  4. Molecular Biology Approaches

  5. Back Matter
    Pages 333-344

About this book


Dutch elm disease is a significant problem in forestry and horticulture which has proven remarkably difficult to ameliorate. Since the introduction of the Dutch elm disease pathogen to North America, the disease has devastated the elm population of this continent and has been the subject of intensive research. This book summarizes the range of approaches that have been taken to address the disease, and emphasizes the significant progress over the past decade in applying methods from cell and molecular biology. Dutch Elm Disease: Cellular and Molecular Approaches will be of interest to scientists in plant pathology, horticulture, forestry, biological control, and plant breeding.


Pathogen Regeneration development forest forestry horticulture plant breeding plant pathology tissue

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  • James L. Sherald
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