Biological Magnetic Resonance

Volume 2

  • Lawrence J. Berliner
  • Jacques Reuben

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Robert C. Bray
    Pages 45-84
  3. Thomas D. Smith, John R. Pilbrow
    Pages 85-168
  4. Leonid B. Volodarsky, Igor A. Grigor’ev, Renad Z. Sagdeev
    Pages 169-241
  5. Roxanne Deslauriers, Ian C. P. Smith
    Pages 243-344
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 345-351

About this book


We are pleased to present this second volume of a series that has already received much interest. The application of magnetic resonance methods to the study of actual biological systems as contrasted to cell-free samples, although not entirely novel, as demonstrated by Civan and Shporer in Volume I, has taken on new dimensions with the use of phosphorus-31 and carbon-13 NMR in studying cells, tissues, and organelles. The applications of 31 P NMR to such systems is reviewed in this volume, while carbon-13 will be covered in a later one. The use of nitroxide spin labels has grown to the point where it now may be considered a common biological technique. The synthesis and applications of a new class of nitroxides is described in this volume. ESR spectroscopy of paramagnetic ions is a powerful approach to studying molecular and structural details, as the chapter by Boas, Pilbrow, and Smith on the ESR of copper in Volume 1 has shown. In this volume the ESR of molybdenum and iron is treated in a comparable fashion. In the first volume some aspects of 1 H NMR spectroscopy of certain classes of In this volume the high-resolu­ biological macromolecules were discussed.· tion multinuclear NMR spectra of peptides, including the physiologically significant peptide hormones, are reviewed.


NMR Nucleotide Oxidation alcohol biology carboxylic acid chemistry enzymes ferritin kidney magnetic resonance metals protein structure synthesis

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