Handbook of Composites

  • S. T. Peters

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Theodore J. Reinhart
    Pages 21-33
  3. Frank A. Cassis, Robert C. Talbot
    Pages 34-47
  4. L. S. Penn, H. Wang
    Pages 48-74
  5. Hugh H. Gibbs
    Pages 75-98
  6. David A. Shimp
    Pages 99-114
  7. Lars A. Berglund
    Pages 115-130
  8. Dennis J. Vaughan
    Pages 131-155
  9. Anthony Marzullo
    Pages 156-168
  10. Khalid Lafdi, Maurice A. Wright
    Pages 169-201
  11. Linda L. Clements
    Pages 202-241
  12. Harry S. Katz
    Pages 242-253
  13. Andrew C. Marshall
    Pages 254-290
  14. V. I. Kostikov, V. S. Kilin
    Pages 291-306
  15. M. F. Amateau
    Pages 307-332
  16. John D. Buckley
    Pages 333-351
  17. D. R. Sidwell
    Pages 352-377
  18. Enamul Haque, Burr L. Leach
    Pages 378-396
  19. Frank K. Ko, George W. Du
    Pages 397-424
  20. John T. Kanne, Jerome S. Berg
    Pages 425-432
  21. Lihwa Fong, S. G. Advani
    Pages 433-455
  22. Yu. M. Tarnopol’skii, S. T. Peters, A. I. Beil’
    Pages 456-475
  23. Don O. Evans
    Pages 476-487
  24. Brian A. Wilson
    Pages 488-524
  25. James L. Throne
    Pages 525-555
  26. Jerry L. Cadden, Paul F. Sadesky
    Pages 556-575
  27. Zhong Cai, Timothy Gutowski
    Pages 576-595
  28. Kent E. Kohkonen, Nitin Potdar
    Pages 596-609
  29. D. W. Oplinger
    Pages 610-666
  30. Jocelyn M. Seng
    Pages 686-708
  31. F. J. Schwan
    Pages 709-735
  32. V. V. Vasiliev
    Pages 736-757
  33. Christy Kirchner Lapp
    Pages 758-777
  34. Yu. M. Tarnopol’skii, V. L. Kulakov
    Pages 778-793
  35. Ann F. Whitaker, Miria M. Finckenor, Harry W. Dursch, R. C. Tennyson, Philip R. Young
    Pages 810-821
  36. Jennifer A. Heth
    Pages 822-837
  37. Thomas S. Jones
    Pages 838-856
  38. Harry E. Pebly
    Pages 883-904
  39. Douglas L. Denton
    Pages 905-915
  40. Wayne C. Tucker, Thomas Juska
    Pages 916-930
  41. Shalaby W. Shalaby, Robert A. Latour
    Pages 957-966
  42. Vicki P. McConnell
    Pages 967-981
  43. Ever J. Barbero
    Pages 982-1003
  44. Gary C. Krumweide, Eddy A. Derby
    Pages 1004-1021
  45. Richard N. Hadcock
    Pages 1022-1043

About this book


Today, fiber reinforced composites are in use • properties of different component (fiber, in a variety of structures, ranging from space­ matrix, filler) materials; craft and aircraft to buildings and bridges. • manufacturing techniques; This wide use of composites has been facili­ • analysis and design; tated by the introduction of new materials, • testing; improvements in manufacturing processes • mechanically fastened and bonded joints; and developments of new analytical and test­ • repair; ing methods. Unfortunately, information on • damage tolerance; these topics is scattered in journal articles, in • environmental effects; conference and symposium proceedings, in and disposal; • health, safety, reuse, workshop notes, and in government and com­ • applications in: pany reports. This proliferation of the source - aircraft and spacecraft; material, coupled with the fact that some of - land transportation; the relevant publications are hard to find or - marine environments; are restricted, makes it difficult to identify and - biotechnology; obtain the up-to-date knowledge needed to - construction and infrastructure; utilize composites to their full advantage. - sporting goods. This book intends to overcome these diffi­ Each chapter, written by a recognized expert, culties by presenting, in a single volume, is self-contained, and contains many of the many of the recent advances in the field of 'state-of-the-art' techniques reqUired for prac­ composite materials. The main focus of this tical applications of composites.


cement composite material material plastics polymer

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