Cell Biology and Pathology of Myelin

Evolving Biological Concepts and Therapeutic Approaches

  • Bernhard H. J. Juurlink
  • Richard M. Devon
  • J. Ronald Doucette
  • Adil J. Nazarali
  • David J. Schreyer
  • Valerie M. K. Verge

Part of the Altschul Symposia Series book series (ALSS, volume 4)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Myelin as a Dynamic Structure

    1. Xinghua Yin, Bruce D. Trapp
      Pages 27-36
    2. Minnetta V. Gardinier, Pauline A. Ballenthin, John F. Kroepfl, Laura R. Viise
      Pages 37-49
    3. M. Klugmann, M. H. Schwab, M. Jung, A. Pühlhofer, A. Schneider, F. Zimmermann et al.
      Pages 61-68
    4. Michel Gravel, Bruce Trapp, John Peterson, Peter E. Braun
      Pages 75-82
    5. Steven S. Scherer, Linda J. Bone, Suzanne M. Deschênes, Kenneth Fischbeck, Rita J. Balice-Gordon
      Pages 83-102
    6. Marie T. Filbin, Man Har Wong, Kejia Zhang, Wen Hui Li
      Pages 103-114
  3. Factors Controlling the Expression of the Myelinating Phenotype

    1. R. Miskimins, R. E. Clark, A. Zapp
      Pages 123-128
    2. L. A. Sawant, S. D. Raval, S. J. Quinlivan, A. Ducret, R. Aebersold, L. H. Rome
      Pages 137-144
    3. Dana L. Madison, Steven E. Pfeiffer
      Pages 145-155
    4. Cynthia Duchala, Wendy B. Macklin
      Pages 157-163
    5. K. R. Jessen, R. Mirsky, Z. Dong, A. Brennan
      Pages 165-172
    6. A. Baron-Van Evercooren, V. Avellana-Adalid, S. Vitry, B. Nait-Oumesmar, F. Lachapelle
      Pages 213-221
    7. K. Murray, C. Tornatore, M. Hajihosseini, M. Dubois-Dalcq
      Pages 223-233
  4. Promoting Functional Recovery in White Matter

    1. W. F. Blakemore, A. J. Crang, H. S. Keirstead, R. J. M. Franklin
      Pages 235-243
    2. Neil Scolding, Chris Shaw, Alastair Compston
      Pages 245-252
    3. Samuel F. Hunter, Kunihiko Asakura, David J. Miller, Moses Rodriguez
      Pages 253-264
    4. M. Schwartz, S. Eitan, D. L. Hirschberg, O. Eizenberg, P. Beserman
      Pages 277-282
    5. D. M. Lang, R. Ankerhold, C. A. O. Stuermer
      Pages 299-308
    6. Mary Bartlett Bunge, Naomi Kleitman
      Pages 319-333
    7. Jason K. Dyer, John McGraw, Jason Bourque, John D. Steeves
      Pages 347-363
  5. Abstracts

    1. D. R. Beniac, R. A. Ridsdale, M. D. Luckevich, T. A. Tompkins, G. Harauz, J. Sedzik et al.
      Pages 365-386
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 365-398

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  • Adil J. Nazarali
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