Advances in Ocular Toxicology

  • Keith Green
  • Henry F. Edelhauser
  • Robert B. Hackett
  • David S. Hull
  • David E. Potter
  • Ramesh C. Tripathi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Keith Green
    Pages 1-2
  3. Henry F. Edelhauser, K. Keven Williams, Glenn P. Holley, Wendell D. Woods
    Pages 21-26
  4. Olivier Loget, Camélia Nanuel, Jean-François Le Bigot, Roy Forster
    Pages 55-62
  5. Mercedes Palmero, Alfonso Blanco, Juan L. Bellot, Nuria Alcoriza, Irene Perez, Alfredo Orts
    Pages 63-72
  6. Brenda J. Tripathi, Ramesh C. Tripathi, Junping Li, Ying Qian, W. Kosnosky, K. V. Chalam
    Pages 81-86
  7. Clayton Bryan, Junping Li, Brenda J. Tripathi, K. V. Chalam, Vytautas Al Pakalnis, Ramesh C. Tripathi
    Pages 87-91
  8. Stephen Bistner, Tom Palmer, Lydia Dickrell
    Pages 93-95
  9. Dinesh Talwar, Randeep Guleria, Anant Pai, S. P. Garg
    Pages 97-101
  10. P. J. Upman, K. A. Herkowski, M. J. Shepherd
    Pages 103-106
  11. C. Lüke, P. Walter, K. U. Bartz-Schmidt, R. Brunner, K. Heimann, W. Sickel
    Pages 107-112
  12. Peter Walter, Peter Szurman, Ralf Krott, Uta Baum, Karl-Ullrich Bartz-Schmidt, Klaus Heimann
    Pages 113-120
  13. J. B. Allen, M. C. McGahan, L. N. Fleisher, G. J. Jaffe, T. Keng, C. T. Privalle
    Pages 121-131
  14. Juan L. Bellot, Nuria Alcoriza, Mercedes Palmero, Alfonso Blanco, Rafael Espí, Claude Hariton et al.
    Pages 151-158
  15. John N. Norton, Robert B. Hackett, Robert J. Munger
    Pages 159-167
  16. Steven S. Matsumoto, Josephine W. Cheng, David C. Rupp, Claude B. Anger, Michael E. Stern
    Pages 193-202
  17. Henry F. Edelhauser, Keith Green
    Pages 207-259
  18. Javier Avalos, Abigail Jacobs, Jonathan K. Wilkin
    Pages 261-268
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 269-276

About this book


This volume represents the proceedings of the Fifth Congress of the International Society of Ocular Toxicology (ISOT), which was held at the Grove Park Inn and Resort in Asheville, North Carolina, October 13-17, 1996. We are delighted to present this volume to the ophthalmic community, especially those with a significant interest in ocular toxicol­ ogy. The Fifth Congress was developed around themes relating to ocular drug metabolism, the ocular pathophysiological effects of nitric oxide, government issues relating to the use of alternative methods for toxicity testing, and a workshop that encompassed comparisons of both in vitro versus in vivo models as well as different animal models. The outcome of this congress, embodied in this volume, is a contribution to the methodologies currently employed or under development and to various drug or physical effects on different ocular tissues. While the focus of this proceedings is on ocular effects of drugs or other materials, many of the contributions deal with topics that have a much broader interest. The workshop concerning the use of different model systems and the choice of the best animal model for drug testing covers a wide range of interests that ex­ tends far beyond specific ocular effects. This is especially true in the area of alternative methods and in the choice of the best animal model for examination of different disease entities.


cytochrome P450 development drug eye inflammation metabolism research tissue toxicity toxicity testing toxicology uveitis

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  • David S. Hull
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  • David E. Potter
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  • Ramesh C. Tripathi
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  4. 4.Morehouse School of MedicineAtlanta
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