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Physics of Strained Quantum Well Lasers


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About this book


When this publisher offered me the opportunity to \\Tite a book, some six years ago, I did not hesitate to say yes. I had just spent the last four years of graduate school struggling to understand the physics of strained quantum well lasers, and it seemed to me the whole experience was much more difficult that it should have been. For although many of the results I needed were easy to locate, the underlying physical premises and intervening steps were not. If only I had a book providing the derivations, I could have absorbed them and gone on my way. Such a book lies before you. It provides a unified and self-contained descrip­ tion of the essential physics of strained quantum well lasers, starting from first principles whenever feasible. The presentation I have chosen requires only the standard introductory background in quantum mechanics, solid state physics, and electromagnetics expected of entering graduate students in physics or elec­ trical engineering. A single undergraduate course in each of these subjects should be more than sufficient to follow the text. :'Iore advanced material on quantum mechanics is developed and collected in the first chapter. \Vhen pos­ sible, I have presented the results in a general setting and have later applied them to specific cases of interest. I find this the most satisfying way to ap­ proach the subject, and it has the additional benefit of solving many problems once and for all.


electromagnetics electronics laser material mechanics quantum mechanics semiconductor Standard

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