Ceramic Microstructures

Control at the Atomic Level

  • Antoni P. Tomsia
  • Andreas M. Glaeser

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Introduction and Overviews

    1. Manfred Rühle, Gerhard Dehm, Christina Scheu
      Pages 1-12
    2. J. H. Harding, A. H. Harker, A. L. Shluger, A. M. Stoneham
      Pages 13-22
    3. Isao Tanaka, Hirohiko Adachi, Tetsuo Nakayasu, Tetsuo Yamada
      Pages 23-34
    4. E. Saiz, A. P. Tomsia, R. M. Cannon
      Pages 65-82
    5. D. B. Marshall, P. E. D. Morgan
      Pages 83-93
  3. Microstructures and Interfaces

    1. Yet-Ming Chiang, Jonq-Ren Lee, Haifeng Wang
      Pages 131-147
    2. W. M. Kriven, M. H. Jilavi, D. Zhu, J. K. R. Weber, B. Cho, J. Felten et al.
      Pages 169-176
    3. Warren J. MoberlyChan, J. J. Cao, C. J. Gilbert, R. O. Ritchie, L. C. De Jonghe
      Pages 177-190
    4. Melanie L. Carasso, Sherry S. Staehle, Paul A. Demkowicz, Donald R. Gilbert, Rajiv K. Singh, James H. Adair
      Pages 221-227
  4. Sintering and Grain Growth

    1. Mikito Kitayama, James D. Powers, Lawrence Kulinsky, Andreas M. Glaeser
      Pages 229-238
    2. Alan W. Searcy, Jeffrey W. Bullard, Dario Beruto
      Pages 247-254
    3. Alida Bellosi, Frederic Monteverde, Cesare Melandri, Stefano Guicciardi
      Pages 263-275
    4. Veena Tikare, James D. Cawley
      Pages 277-284
    5. Michael D. Sacks, Keyun Wang, Gary W. Scheiffele, Nazim Bozkurt
      Pages 285-301
    6. M. M. Seabaugh, S. H. Hong, G. L. Messing
      Pages 303-310
    7. George C. Wei, Seung-Joon Jeon, Changmo Sung, William H. Rhodes
      Pages 311-322
    8. Jong-Chul Nam, Il-Joon Bae, Sunggi Baik
      Pages 323-329
    9. Richard C. Bradt, Susan L. Burkett
      Pages 339-348
  5. Ceramic-Metal Interfaces

    1. Dominique Chatain, Véronique Ghetta, Jacques Fouletier
      Pages 349-358
    2. Stathis D. Peteves, Mervi Paulasto, Giacomo Ceccone, Michael G. Nicholas
      Pages 359-368
    3. P. Xiao, B. Derby, J. Webster, J. Penfold
      Pages 377-384
    4. Tadatomo Suga
      Pages 385-389
    5. Koichi Niwa, Koji Omote, Yasushi Goto, Nobuo Kamehara
      Pages 391-397
    6. Chihiro Iwamoto, Shun-ichiro Tanaka
      Pages 415-420
  6. Special Techniques/Novel Processes

  7. Colloidal Processing

    1. Jennifer A. Lewis
      Pages 495-501
    2. L. Esposito, E. Saiz, A. P. Tomsia, R. M. Cannon
      Pages 503-512

About this book


This volume, titled Proceedings of the International Materials Symposium on Ce­ ramic Microstructures: Control at the Atomic Level summarizes the progress that has been achieved during the past decade in understanding and controlling microstructures in ceram­ ics. A particular emphasis of the symposium, and therefore of this volume, is advances in the characterization, understanding, and control of micro structures at the atomic or near-atomic level. This symposium is the fourth in a series of meetings, held every ten years, devoted to ceramic microstructures. The inaugural meeting took place in 1966, and focussed on the analysis, significance, and production of microstructure; the symposium emphasized the need for, and importance of characterization in achieving a more complete understanding of the physical and chemical characteristics of ceramics. A consensus emerged at that meeting on the critical importance of characterization in achieving a more complete understanding of ceramic properties. That point of view became widely accepted in the ensuing decade. The second meeting took place in 1976 at a time of world-wide energy shortages and thus emphasized energy-related applications of ceramics, and more specifically, microstructure-property relationships of those materials. The third meeting, held in 1986, was devoted to the role that interfaces played both during processing, and in influencing the ultimate properties of single and polyphase ceramics, and ceramic-metal systems.


ceramics composite metal sintering sol-gel

Editors and affiliations

  • Antoni P. Tomsia
    • 1
  • Andreas M. Glaeser
    • 2
  1. 1.Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryBerkeleyUSA
  2. 2.University of California, BerkeleyBerkeleyUSA

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