An Introduction to Environmental Biotechnology

  • Milton Wainwright

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About this book


An Introduction to Environmental Biotechnology provides an introduction to the subject of environmental biotechnology. Environmental biotechnology refers to the use of micro-organisms and other living systems to solve current environmental problems such as the detoxification of pollutants and clean-up of oil tanker spills. Additionally, it refers to the biotechnology of the agricultural environment, as well as the use of biopesticides and the application of microorganisms to the mining, metal recovery and paper industries. This is the only comprehensive introductory account of this subject matter.
Beginning with an introduction to microbial growth, An Introduction to Environmental Biotechnology aims to provide the non-specialist with a complete overview of environmental biotechnology. It is presented in an easy to read style with illustrations and includes frequent references to the use of higher plants as well as micro-organisms in environmental biotechnology.
An Introduction to Environmental Biotechnology is geared toward a non-specialist audience, including engineers and environmental chemists, and environmental scientists who have limited knowledge of microbiology and biotechnology.


Air pollution Bioremediation Pathogen biotechnology environment microorganism pesticide pollution wastewater

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