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Handbook of Modern Ferromagnetic Materials


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Below is a copy of Professor Takeshi Takei's original preface that he wrote for my first book, Modem Ferrite Teclmology. I was proud to receive this preface and include it here with pride and affection. We were saddened to learn of his death at 92 on March 12, 1992. Preface It is now some 50 years since ferrites debuted as an important new category of magnetic materials. They were prized for a range of properties that had no equivalents in existing metal magnetic materials, and it was not long before full-fledged research and development efforts were underway. Today, ferrites are employed in a truly wide range of applications, and the efforts of the many men and women working in the field are yielding many highly intriguing results. New, high-performance products are appearing one after another, and it would seem we have only scratched the surface of the hidden possibilities of these fascinating materials. Dr. Alex Goldman is well qualified to talk about the state of the art in ferrites. For many years Dr. Goldman has been heavily involved in the field as director of the research and development division of Spang & Co. and other enterprises. This book, Modem Ferrite Technology, based in part on his own experiences, presents a valuable overview of the field. It is testimony to his commitment and bountiful knowledge about one oftoday's most intriguing areas of technology.


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