Advances in Nuclear Dynamics 3

  • Wolfgang Bauer
  • Alice Mignerey

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Joelle Murray, Wolfgang Bauer, Kevin Haglin
    Pages 9-15
  3. Paul Stankus
    Pages 35-44
  4. Thomas A. Trainor
    Pages 45-52
  5. Hongfei Xi, M. J. Huang, W. G. Lynch, M. B. Tsang, J. D. Dinius, S. J. Gaff et al.
    Pages 53-60
  6. D. K. Agnihotri, B. Djerroud, J. Tõke, W. Skulski, W. U. Schröder, B. Davin et al.
    Pages 67-74
  7. W. Skulski, J. Dempsey, D. K. Agnihotri, S. P. Baldwin, B. Djerroud, J. Tõke et al.
    Pages 75-82
  8. J. Péter, M. Assenard, F. Gulminelli, Y.-G. Ma, A. Siwek, G. Auger et al.
    Pages 91-98
  9. G. Q. Li, G. E. Brown, C.-H. Lee, C. M. Ko
    Pages 107-114
  10. Gary D. Westfall
    Pages 129-136
  11. Wen-Chen Chang, Stephen C. Johnson
    Pages 153-159
  12. W. J. Llope
    Pages 161-169
  13. Bao-An Li, Che Ming Ko, Wolfgang Bauer, Zhongzhou Ren
    Pages 171-177
  14. Rudolf Ganz
    Pages 179-187
  15. B. B. Back, D. J. Hofman, V. Nanal
    Pages 189-196
  16. W.-C. Hsi, K. Kwiatkowski, G. Wang, D. S. Bracken, H. Breuer, Y. Y. Chu et al.
    Pages 197-204
  17. H. C. Britt, M. N. Nambooridi, T. C. Sangster
    Pages 215-222
  18. D. E. Russ, A. C. Mignerey, E. J. Garcia-Solis, H. Madani, J. Y. Shea, P. J. Stanskas et al.
    Pages 223-229
  19. Vince Cianciolo
    Pages 231-238
  20. L. Gingras, X. Bai, G. C. Ball, L. Beaulieu, D. R. Bowman, B. Djerroud et al.
    Pages 239-246
  21. L. Phair, L. G. Moretto, Th. Rubehn, G. J. Wozniak, L. Beaulieu, N. Colonna et al.
    Pages 257-265
  22. Back Matter
    Pages 267-268

About this book


th The 13 Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics is the latest installment in a series of workshops that was started in 1978. This series has grown into a tradition, bringing together experimental and theoretical expertise from all areas of the study of nuclear dynamics. As always, the organizers had placed emphasis on the important aspect of cross­ fertilization between the different energy regimes and wa.ys of viewing a collision of energetic nuclei. This emphasis is reflected in the broad range of topics covered in these proceedings. Phase transitions in nuclear collisions received most of the attention during this workshop, as indicated by the number of contributions on this subject. Many of the questions in connection with these topics remain not settled and will have a huge impact on the physics that can be extracted from experiments at the future Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. While the experimental program at the AGS is winding down, the NSCL upgrade and RHIC promise a bright future for our field in the USA. In Europe and Asia, major new facilities are under construction as well. The excitement and anticipation in connection with these new opportunities are reflected in these proceedings as well. Wolfgang Bauer Michigan State University Alice Mignerey University of Maryland v PREVIOUS WORKSHOPS The following table contains a list of the dates and locations of the previous Winter Workshops on Nuclear Dynamics as well as the members of the organizing committees. The chairpersons of the conferences are underlined.


Baryon CERN Lepton Strangeness collision hadron heavy ion spectra

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