Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and Medicine

  • Ferdinando Bersani

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Plenary Lectures

  3. Minisymposia

    1. Melatonin

      1. R. P. Liburdy, C. F. Blackman, R. A. Luben
        Pages 59-62
      2. Masainichi Kato, Tsukasa Shigemitsu, Kenichi Yamazaki, Takehiko Kikuchi, Wataru Ooba
        Pages 67-68
    2. Standards

      1. Camelia Gabriel, Bernard Hutzler, Norbert Krause, Barnabas Kunsch, Brian J. Maddock, Gianni F. Mariutti
        Pages 73-76
      2. Gert Anger, Lars-Eric Paulson
        Pages 85-88
    3. Molecular Electronics & Biocomputing

      1. Alessandro Chiabrera, Silvano Cincotti, Mauro Parodi, Marco Storace
        Pages 93-96
    4. Learning and Memory: Effects and Mechanisms

      1. Zenon J. Sienkiewicz, Richard G. E. Haylock, Richard D. Saunders
        Pages 97-100
    5. Biological Effects of Cellular Telephones

      1. Bernard Veyret, Joseph J. Morrissey
        Pages 105-110
      2. Mays L. Swicord, Joseph J. Morrissey
        Pages 111-121
      3. Joseph J. Morrissey, Shula Raney, Evelyn Heasley, Prema Rathinavelu, Michael Dauphinee, James H. Fallon
        Pages 123-127
      4. John D. Boice, Joseph J. Morrissey
        Pages 129-132
    6. Bone and Cartilage

    7. Transdermal Drug Delivery and Non-Invasive Sensing

      1. V. Préat, R. Vanbever, A. Jadoul, V. Regnier
        Pages 145-147
      2. J. C. Weaver, U. F. Pliquett, T. E. Zewert, R. Vanbever, T. O. Herndon, T. R. Gowrishankar et al.
        Pages 149-152
      3. James C. Weaver, Timothy E. Vaughan
        Pages 153-156
    8. Nervous System

      1. Ferdinando Sartucci, Luca Bonfiglio, Luigi Murri, Cristina Del Seppia, Paolo Luschi, Floriano Papi et al.
        Pages 157-160
      2. Luigi Zecca, Cristina Mantegazza, Flavio Piva, Nobuyoshi Hagino
        Pages 161-164
    9. Microwave and Millimeter Wave

      1. James C. Lin
        Pages 165-169
      2. P. Bernardi, M. Cavagnaro, S. Pisa, E. Piuzzi
        Pages 171-174
    10. Macromolecular Synthesis

      1. Gayle E. Woloschak, Tatjana Paunesku, Chin-Mei Chang-Liu, Lise Loberg, James Gauger, David McCormick
        Pages 175-178
      2. Sianette Kwee, Povl Raskmark
        Pages 187-190
    11. Effects on the Immune System

      1. Andrea Cossarizza, Claudio Franceschi
        Pages 191-194
      2. Miriam Capri, Daniela Quaglino, Luigi Zecca, Ivonne Pasquali Ronchetti, Claudio Franceschi
        Pages 195-198
      3. S. Mehta, C. Polk, R. C. Hanumara, K. Johnson, D. Cherlin, S. Wu et al.
        Pages 203-204
    12. DC Magnetic Fields

      1. Makoto Shoda, Kazuhiro Nakamura, Kohji Tsuchiya, Kazumasa Okuno, Takashi Ano
        Pages 215-217
    13. Biophysical Mechanisms

      1. Werner Lauterborn
        Pages 219-222

About this book


In the last few decades the research on bioelectromagnetics has expanded worldwide. About one thousand researchers are now working in the field in a variety of institutions throughout the world, including medical, biological, engineering, and technical laboratories and protection agencies. After many years of research, a clear picture is now emerging: Initially the research was mainly interested in the therapeutic applications of ELF electric and magnetic fields, and the RF range was mainly taken into consideration with respect to thermal effects only. Then, tne growing body of biological effects of ELF fields on cells and biological tissues (particularly for the repair processes in bone) have drawn the attention of researchers to non-thermal effects, ranging from static fields to microwaves. A specific field of interest that has been the object of a large debate in the last twenty years has been the potential health risk associated with electric power production and distribution and, more recently, with domestic and industrial appliances. In the last few years, the explosion of the market for cellularphones has highlighted the issue of possible health dangers related to their use and to the widespread presence of base stations. The first World Congress on Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and Medicine, was held in Orlando, Florida, in 1992, and collected the widest amount of contributi9ns from almost all the major researchers involved in the field.


ATPase Assessment Monitor Osteotom biological effects bone cartilage diagnosis electromagnetic enzymes erythrocyte magnetic fields spectroscopy tissue ultrasound

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