Foundation Engineering Handbook

  • Hsai-Yang Fang

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. John Lowe III, Philip F. Zaccheo
    Pages 1-71
  3. Ronald C. Chaney
    Pages 72-87
  4. Hans F. Winterkorn, Hsai-Yang Fang
    Pages 88-143
  5. Wai-Fah Chen, William O. McCarron
    Pages 144-165
  6. G. W. Clough, J. M. Duncan
    Pages 223-235
  7. J. Patrick Powers
    Pages 236-248
  8. Jack W. Hilf
    Pages 249-316
  9. Hans F. Winterkorn, Sibel Pamukcu
    Pages 317-378
  10. Hsai-Yang Fang, George K. Mikroudis
    Pages 379-409
  11. Bengt B. Broms, Kai S. Wong
    Pages 410-446
  12. Thomas D. Dismuke
    Pages 447-510
  13. Bengt H. Fellenius
    Pages 511-536
  14. Fred H. Kulhawy
    Pages 537-552
  15. George Gazetas
    Pages 553-593
  16. H. Bolton Seed, Ronald C. Chaney, Sibel Pamukcu
    Pages 594-672
  17. Leonardo Zeevaert
    Pages 673-678
  18. Ronald C. Chaney, Kenneth R. Demars
    Pages 679-734
  19. Arvind Phukan
    Pages 735-749
  20. Jeffrey C. Evans
    Pages 750-777
  21. F. Schlosser, M. Bastick
    Pages 778-795
  22. Robert M. Koerner
    Pages 796-813
  23. Bengt B. Broms
    Pages 814-832
  24. Bengt B. Broms
    Pages 833-855
  25. Thomas D. Dismuke
    Pages 856-867
  26. Ilan Juran, Victor Elias
    Pages 868-905
  27. Back Matter
    Pages 907-923

About this book


More than ten years have passed since the first edition was published. During that period there have been a substantial number of changes in geotechnical engineering, especially in the applications of foundation engineering. As the world population increases, more land is needed and many soil deposits previously deemed unsuitable for residential housing or other construction projects are now being used. Such areas include problematic soil regions, mining subsidence areas, and sanitary landfills. To overcome the problems associated with these natural or man-made soil deposits, new and improved methods of analysis, design, and implementation are needed in foundation construction. As society develops and living standards rise, tall buildings, transportation facilities, and industrial complexes are increasingly being built. Because of the heavy design loads and the complicated environments, the traditional design concepts, construction materials, methods, and equipment also need improvement. Further, recent energy and material shortages have caused additional burdens on the engineering profession and brought about the need to seek alternative or cost-saving methods for foundation design and construction.


construction earthquake environment geotechnics landfill sediment stability structure

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  • Hsai-Yang Fang
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  1. 1.Geotechnical Engineering DivisionFritz Engineering Laboratory, Lehigh UniversityUSA

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