Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Applications of Polymers

  • Charles G. Gebelein
  • Tai C. Cheng
  • Victor C. Yang

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Medical Polymer Applications — the Same Players in Different Games

  3. Cosmetic Applications

    1. Gary Martino, Frank Nowak
      Pages 25-32
    2. Rikio Tsushima, Akihiro Kondo
      Pages 33-37
    3. Mohammed Tazi, Robert Login, Stephen Kopolow
      Pages 39-47
    4. Jonas C. T. Wang, Jue-Chen Liu, Victoria Dole, Chung-ye Tseng
      Pages 73-82
  4. Applications in Both Cosmetics and Pharmackuticals

    1. Shigehiro Hirano, Keiji Hirochi, Ken-ichiro Hayashi, Toshiya Mikami, Hisashi Tachibana
      Pages 95-104
    2. G. L. Brode, E. D. Goddard, W. C. Harris, G. A. Salensky
      Pages 117-128
    3. P. A. Band, G. L. Brode, E. D. Goddard, A. G. Barbone, E. Leshchiner, W. C. Harris et al.
      Pages 129-135
    4. S. L. Kopolow, R. Login, M. Tazi
      Pages 137-145
  5. Pharmaceutical Applications

    1. Nancy E. Larsen, Edward A. Leshchiner, Edward G. Parent, Endre A. Balazs
      Pages 147-157
    2. You Han Bae, Sung Wan Kim
      Pages 193-199
    3. Tamotsu Kondo, Yutaka Atsuta, Atsushi Kato, Koichiro Fukuda, Hiroyuki Ohshima
      Pages 225-230
    4. Robert J. Levy, Steven F. Bolling, Rivka Siden, Alan Kadish, Yashwant Pathak, Parvin Dorostkar et al.
      Pages 231-238
    5. H. T. Wang, H. Palmer, R. J. Linhardt, D. R. Flanagan, E. Schmitt
      Pages 239-253
    6. Charles E. Carraher Jr., Cynthia W. Butler, Lisa Reckleben
      Pages 255-261
    7. A. Stemberger, M. Unkauf, D. E. Arnold, G. Blümel
      Pages 263-268
    8. Charles E. Carraher Jr., Melanie M. Williams
      Pages 269-291
  6. Other Medical-Related Applications

  7. Back Matter
    Pages 399-414

About this book


Polymers continue to show almost amazing versatility. We have always known that polymers could be used for trinkets, toys and dishes. Now, however, we are no longer surprised to encounter these adaptable mate­ rials in almost every place we look. We find them in our cars, tools, electronic devices, building materials, etc. The use of polymeric mate­ rials in medicine is also well documented in previous books by one of the Editors (Gebelein) and by others. Likewise, the use of polymeric mate­ rials in pharmaceutical applications, especially in controlled release systems, is also well established. Nevertheless, the use of these ubiquitous chemicals is far less ob­ vious in the field of cosmetics, although modern cosmetic preparations rely heavily on polymers and this trend is certain to increase. This book brings together much of the basic information on polymers in cosmetics and compares this usage with similar applications in pharmaceutical and medical applications. Cosmetics, like medicine and pharmacy, dates back to antiquity. We can find uses of perfumes, balms and ointments in various old books, such as the Bible. For example, the use of ointments and balms is noted more than thirty eight times, and perfumes and related materials are cited at least twenty nine times in the Bible.


Chitosan drug drug delivery pharmacy polymer polymers research

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  • Charles G. Gebelein
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  • Tai C. Cheng
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  • Victor C. Yang
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  1. 1.Youngstown State UniversityYoungstownUSA
  2. 2.Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.Santa ClaraUSA
  3. 3.University of MichiganAnn ArborUSA

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