Anticarcinogenesis and Radiation Protection 2

  • Oddvar F. Nygaard
  • Arthur C. Upton

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Introductory Papers

    1. D. T. Kanazir
      Pages 1-12
    2. Arthur C. Upton
      Pages 13-20
    3. I. Spuzic, R. Tomin, M. Djordjevic
      Pages 33-37
    4. Hans P. Rutz, Rene O. Mirimanoff, John B. Little
      Pages 39-45
  3. Molecular Biology

    1. Jin Chen, G. William Rebeck, Bruce Derfler, Leona Samson
      Pages 47-56
    2. Dragutin J. Savic, Mila Jankovic, Tatjana Kostic, Barry W. Glickman
      Pages 57-60
    3. P. Gerald McKenna, Yvonne A. Wilkinson, Valerie J. McKelvey
      Pages 73-77
    4. Catherine Madzac, Alain Sarasin
      Pages 79-84
    5. Biserka Nagy, David J. Grdina, Charles R. Ashman
      Pages 85-92
    6. Sabera Ruzdijic, Selma Kanazir, Mirjana Stojiljkovic, Ljubisav Rakic
      Pages 111-115
    7. Lucja Fiszer-Maliszewska, Anne R. Kinsella
      Pages 129-134
    8. N. D. Hastie, K. Pritchard Jones, W. Bickmore, D. Porteous, V. van Heyningen
      Pages 137-139
  4. Biomakers and Immunology

    1. Hiroshi Kasai, Myung-Hee Chung, Haruo Kiyosawa, Eiko Ohtsuka, Susumu Nishimura
      Pages 141-144
    2. V. Niketic, O. Mitrasinovic, S. Jovanovic, N. Tomasevic
      Pages 145-149
    3. Regina M. Santella, Yu Jing Zhang, Tie Lan Young, You Lil, Mohammed Toor, Byung Mu Leel et al.
      Pages 155-169
    4. V. Ivanovic, D. Ilic, N. Bojanic, J. Dimitrijeyic, G. Tasic, M. Vlajic et al.
      Pages 177-180
  5. Internal Emitters

    1. C. M. Vandecasteele, Th. Zeevaert, R. Kirchmann
      Pages 181-199
    2. John B. Little, Jean M. Whaley, Howard L. Liber
      Pages 201-210
    3. Lars-Erik Holm, Per Hall, Goran Lundell
      Pages 223-225
    4. S. J. Adelstein
      Pages 227-228
  6. Chemical and Enzymatic Protection

    1. Slobodan V. Jovanovic, Michael G. Simic
      Pages 229-235
    2. Marija Bonifačić
      Pages 237-241
    3. G. Simone, M. Tamba, M. Quintiliani
      Pages 243-246
    4. S. V. Jovanović, I. Ruvarac, I. Janković, Lj. Josimović
      Pages 247-251
    5. D. Schulte-Frohlinde, P. Rettberg, A. Hartke, L. Jeremic
      Pages 253-260
    6. C. F. Cesarone, M. Menegazzi, L. Scarabelli, A. I. Scovassi, P. Giannoni, R. Izzo et al.
      Pages 261-268
    7. Silvio De Flora, Anna Camoirano, Alberto Izzotti, Patrizia Zanacchi, Maria Bagnasco, Carmelo F. Cesarone
      Pages 275-285
    8. Thomas W. Kensler, Nancy E. Davidson, Patricia A. Egner, Kathryn Z. Guyton, John D. Groopman, Yi-Liang Liu et al.
      Pages 315-322
    9. Ivana Djujic, M. Demajo, M. Mandic, M. Spasic, Zorica S. Saicic
      Pages 323-326
    10. Toshihiko Osawa
      Pages 327-336
    11. M. B. Spasic, S. Milovanovic, M. Simovic, V. M. Petrovic, A. M. Michelson
      Pages 345-349

About this book


The dramatic decrease in the incidence of stomach cancer in industrialized countries during the past 50 years, which is yet to be fully explained, and the observation that carcinogenesis in laboratory animals can be inhibited by antioxidants, retinoids, and caloric restriction, among other influences, challenge us to press on in the search for practical means to prevent cancer. It is in relation to this goal that the studies summarized in this book have special significance. This book is based on the invited and contributed papers presented at the Third Internationai Conference on Anticarcinogenesis and Radiation Protection, held on October 15-21, 1989, in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia. They cover a broad range of investigations into the mechanisms and inhibition of carcinogenesis. In keeping with recent advances in our understanding of the importance of oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes in carcinogenesis, many of the reports focus on mutations and related changes at the level of DNA. At the same time, however, other reports deal with nutritional, immunological, endocrinological, and epidemiological aspects. In all, the various reports address carcinogenesis and its inhibition at virtually every level of biological organization. Included in this compendium are timely reviews of diverse and promising research strategies for cancer prevention, as pursued by investigators in different parts of the world. The Organizers of the Conference are grateful to the many scientists who have contributed to the volume, as well as to the sponsors of the Conference, without whose generous support this book would not have been possible.


DNA cancer prevention carcinogenesis hormones mutagen prevention radiation protection

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  • Arthur C. Upton
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  2. 2.New York University Medical CenterNew YorkUSA

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