Spin and Isospin in Nuclear Interactions

  • Scott W. Wissink
  • Charles D. Goodman
  • George E. Walker

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. W-Y. P. Hwang, J. Speth
    Pages 33-51
  3. R. D. McKeown
    Pages 53-62
  4. T. Udagawa, P. Oltmanns, F. Osterfeld
    Pages 69-73
  5. I. The, J. Arvieux, D. H. Beck, E. J. Beise, A. Boudard, E. B. Cairns et al.
    Pages 85-97
  6. B. Ramstein, D. Bachelier, H. G. Bohlen, J. L. Boyard, C. Ellegaard, C. Gaarde et al.
    Pages 111-114
  7. Robert A. Eisenstein
    Pages 131-143
  8. M. Agnello, A. Ahmidouch, J. Arvieux, R. Bertini, R. Birsa, F. Bradamante et al.
    Pages 155-160
  9. Y. Terrien, G. Bruge, P. Couvert, B. Fabbro, J.-C. Faivre, C. Kerboul et al.
    Pages 161-166
  10. Charles D. Goodman
    Pages 167-179
  11. M. Kirchbach
    Pages 181-194
  12. F. C. Khanna, H. X. He, H. Umezawa
    Pages 195-206
  13. A. Ling, R. C. Haight, N. S. P. King, P. W. Lisowski, D. S. Sorenson, J. L. Ullmann et al.
    Pages 207-213
  14. H. Sakai, S. Ishida, Y. Nagai, H. Okamura, A. Okihana, H. Okuno et al.
    Pages 215-218
  15. C. Alvarez, H. F. Arellano, F. A. Brieva, W. G. Love
    Pages 219-230
  16. N. M. Hintz, A. Sethi, A. M. Lallena
    Pages 287-292
  17. C. Gaarde
    Pages 295-309
  18. J. Wambach, W. Unkelbach
    Pages 321-332
  19. James A. Carr
    Pages 333-340
  20. A. García, E. G. Adelberger, P. V. Magnus, H. E. Swanson, D. P. Wells, O. Tengblad et al.
    Pages 353-360
  21. D. H. Wilkinson
    Pages 361-379
  22. Charles J. Horowitz
    Pages 415-431
  23. Yu. L. Ratis, E. A. Strokovsky, F. A. Gareev, J. S. Vaagen
    Pages 445-460
  24. Edward F. Redish
    Pages 503-527
  25. Back Matter
    Pages 529-535

About this book


This volume contains the proceedings of an International Conference on "Spin and Isospin in Nuclear Interactions", which was held in Telluride, Colorado USA, 11-15 March 1991. This was the fifth in a series of conferences held in Telluride every three years since 1979. In attendance at the conference were just under 100 participants, representing a total of 43 institutes from 12 different countries. In keeping with previous Telluride conferences, the role of spin and isospin degrees of freedom in both nuclear structure and nuclear interactions remained an important theme. Topics covered included new results on the spin- and isospin-dependent terms in the free and effective nucleon-nucleon interaction, Gamow-Teller excitations, charge and spin exchange with hadronic probes, and spin measurements with leptonic probes. Recent progress in the development of polarized sources, polarized targets, and po­ larimetry was also discussed, as were applications to neutrino physics and astrophysics. Whereas earlier Telluride conferences had dealt primarily with nucleon-nucleus inter­ actions, this meeting included extensive discussions on the role of spin and flavor in particle interactions, and on ways of "bridging the gap" between concepts usually as­ sociated with particle physics and the domain of more conventional nuclear physics. The conference consisted of morning and evening scientific sessions, leaving the afternoons free for informal discussions, recreation, and enjoyment of the scenic beauty of the Telluride area. In addition to the invited talks, time was allotted for contributed talks on new results.


Potential elastic scattering hadron nuclear physics scattering spin exchange

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  • Charles D. Goodman
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  • George E. Walker
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