Occurrence, Metabolism, and Biological Impact

  • Paul C. Howard
  • Stephen S. Hecht
  • Frederick A. Beland

Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 40)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Epidemiology and Carcinogenesis

    1. Joe L. Mauderly, William C. Griffith, Rogene F. Henderson, Robert K. Jones, Roger O. McClellan
      Pages 1-13
    2. Hiroshi Tokiwa, Kazumi Horikawa, Nobuyuki Sera, Keisuke Izumi, Masanori Iwagawa, Hisashi Otsuka et al.
      Pages 29-37
    3. L. Möller, J. Rafter, S. Törnquist, L. Eriksson, B. Beije, R. Toftgård et al.
      Pages 39-59
  3. Chemistry, Detection, and Occurrence

    1. Barbara Zielinska, Janet Arey, Roger Atkinson
      Pages 73-84
    2. Yoshinari Ohnishi, Takemi Kinouchi, Keiko Nishifuji, Koichi Miyanishi, Takako Kanoh, Masao Fukuda
      Pages 85-93
  4. Molecular Mechanisms

    1. Charles M. King, Thomas M. Reid, Nobuya Tamura, Pawan K. Gupta
      Pages 95-103
    2. Patrice Koehl, Dominique Burnouf, Robert P. P. Fuchs
      Pages 105-112
    3. Miriam C. Poirier, Nancy F. Fullerton, Henrik S. Huitfeldt, Beverly A. Smith, Henry C. Pitot, John M. Hunt et al.
      Pages 125-133
    4. Shinya Shibutani, Robert Gentles, Francis Johnson
      Pages 135-147
    5. Veronica M. Maher, M. Chia-Miao Mah, Jia-Ling Yang, Nitai P. Bhattacharyya, J. Justin McCormick
      Pages 149-156
    6. Beverly A. Smith, Robert H. Heflich, Yoshinari Ohnishi, Akinobu Ohuchida, Takemi Kinouchi, Janice R. Thorton-Manning et al.
      Pages 181-187
    7. James A. Bond, Charles E. Mitchell, Joe L. Mauderly, Ronald K. Wolff
      Pages 189-199
    8. Roger W. Giese, Paul Vouros
      Pages 211-217
  5. Metabolism

    1. Gerard J. Mulder, Frank C. J. Wierckx, Rinny Wedzinga, John H. N. Meerman
      Pages 219-230
    2. Danuta Malejka-Giganti, Clare L. Ritter, Lauri J. Sammartano
      Pages 231-244
    3. Terry V. Zenser, Michael B. Mattammal, Vijaya M. Lakshmi, Ruthellen Dawley, Suhas V. Sohani, Leslie A. Spry et al.
      Pages 257-264
    4. Karam El-Bayoumy, Ajit K. Roy, Stephen S. Hecht
      Pages 273-284
    5. K. Barry Delclos, Glenn Talaska, Ralph P. Walker, Christiane Brassinne, Jean Paul Sculier
      Pages 295-307
  6. Summary

    1. Stephen S. Hecht, Karam El-Bayoumy
      Pages 309-316
    2. John S. Wheeler, Bradford W. Manning, Fred F. Kadlubar, Jack O. Lay, Dwight W. Miller, Jack A. Hinson
      Pages 317-317
    3. M. A. Butler, N. P. Lang, J. F. Young, G. Talaska, J. Massengill, C. Teitel et al.
      Pages 318-318
    4. P. Hrelia, M. Morotti, M. Scotti, M. Paolini, D. Spinelli, Forti G. Cantelli
      Pages 320-320
    5. Martin Vanderlaan, Bruce E. Watkins, Mona Hwang, Mark G. Knize, James S. Felton
      Pages 324-324
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 327-333

About this book


Prior to 1979, consideration of the problem of the carcinogenicity of the aromatic amine class of chemicals took place primarily in poster sessions and symposia of annual meetings of the American Association for Cancer Research and analogous international associations. In November 1979 the first meeting concerned with the aromatic amines was held in Rockville, Haryland under primary sponsorship of the National Cancer Institute. The proceedings from this meeting were published as Monograph 58 of the Journal of the National Cancel' Institute in 1981. The second meeting in this series, the Second International Conference on N-Substituted Aryl Compounds, was held in March/April of 1982 in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The National Cancer Institute and The National Center for Toxicological Research were the primary sponsors of this meeting. The proceedings were published as Volume 49 of the journal En-vil'onmental Health Perspectives in 1983. The third meeting in this series was held in April of 1987 at the Dearborn Hyatt in Dearborn, Michigan. The principal sponsor of this meeting was the Heyer L. Pre ntis Comprehensive Cancer Center of Metropolitan Detroit. The proceedings, Carcinogenic and Mutagenic Responses to Aromatic Amines and Nitroal'enes, were published in 1987 by Elsevier Press. The fourth meeting was held in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 15-19, 1989.


DNA Oxidation RNA air pollution amines bonding chemicals chemistry environment health metabolism mutation pollution protein research

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