Gaseous Dielectrics VI

  • Loucas G. Christophorou
  • Isidor Sauers

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Basic Physics of Gaseous Dielectrics

    1. L. G. Christophorou, L. A. Pinnaduwage, A. P. Bitouni
      Pages 9-17
    2. J. K. Olthoff, R. J. Van Brunt, H.-X. Wan, J. H. Moore, J. A. Tossell
      Pages 19-26
    3. P. G. Datskos, L. G. Christophorou, J. G. Carter
      Pages 35-42
    4. Iwona Szamrej, Mieczyslaw Forys
      Pages 43-48
  3. Basic Mechanisms

    1. E. E. Kunhardt, S. Barone, J. Bentson, S. Popovic
      Pages 61-71
    2. A. J. Davies, J. Dutton, M. Matallah, R. T. Waters
      Pages 81-88
    3. Y. Qiu, X. Ren, Z. Y. Liu, M. C. Zhang
      Pages 89-94
    4. Hans Korge, Urmas Kuusk, Matti Laan, Jaan Susi
      Pages 95-100
  4. Modeling

  5. Gas Breakdown and Its Relation to Vacuum and Liquid Breakdown

  6. Breakdown Characteristics under Short Time Fronts and Fast Transients

  7. Electrode Processes and Surface Discharge Phenomena

  8. Pulsed Power Switching and Laser Initiated Breakdown

    1. M. Kristiansen, A. Guenther, G. Schaefer
      Pages 321-330
    2. P. F. Williams
      Pages 331-339
    3. Thomas H. Martin
      Pages 349-355
  9. Transmission Lines and Electromagnetic Fields: Health Issues and Measurements

  10. Corona

    1. R. J. Van Brunt, S. V. Kulkarni
      Pages 383-389
    2. E. J. M. van Heesch, A. J. M. Pemen, J. W. van der Snoek, P. C. T. van der Laan
      Pages 391-397

About this book


The Sixth International Symposium on Gaseous Dielectrics was held in Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A., on September 23-27, 1990. The symposium continued the trans disciplinary character and comprehensive approach of the preceding five symposia. Gaseous Dielectrics VI is a detailed record of the symposium proceedings. It covers recent advances and developments in a wide range of basic, applied and industrial areas of gaseous dielectrics. It is hoped that Gaseous Dielectrics VI will aid future research and development in and encourage wider industrial use of gaseous dielectrics. The Organizing Committee of the Sixth International Symposium on Gaseous Dielectrics consisted of L. G. Christophorou (U.S.A.), F. Y. Chu (Canada), A. H. Cookson (U.S.A.), D. L. Damsky (U.S.A.), O. Farish (U.K.), I. Gallimberti (Italy), A. Garscadden (U.S.A.), E. Marode (France), T. Nitta (Japan), W. Pfeiffer (Germany), I. Sauers (U.S.A.), R. J. Van Brunt (U.S.A.), and W. Zaengl (Switzerland). The local arrangements committee consisted of members of the Health and Safety Research Division and personnel of the Conference Office of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and staff of the University of Tennessee (UTK). The contributions of each member of these committees, the work of the Session Chairmen, the interest of the participants, and the advice of innumerable colleagues are gratefully acknowledged.


Germany Potential design development dielectrics electrons future high voltage laser material phase research simulation stability transmission

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  • Isidor Sauers
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