Supercollider 4

  • John Nonte

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. A Partnership (Program Status)

  3. SSC Education Initiatives

    1. Charles G. Orsak, Patti McGlohen, Lyssa Jenkens
      Pages 5-12
    2. Miriam E. Bleadon, W. A. Cooper, T. DeJong, P. Fales, R. Lindsay, E. Malamud et al.
      Pages 13-20
    3. Tom Gadsden, Sherrie Kivlighn
      Pages 21-24
  4. Superconductors I

    1. D. Christopherson, D. W. Capone II, J. M. Seuntjens, C. R. Hannaford, S. Graham, D. Pollock
      Pages 25-32
    2. S. Saito, T. Sashida, M. Ohmatsu, Y. Yamada, M. Koganeya, A. Mikumo et al.
      Pages 33-39
    3. H. C. Kanithi, P. Valaris, B. A. Zeitlin
      Pages 41-47
    4. J. Teuho, T. Erkolahti, P. Haasjoki, J. Lehto, R. Liikamaa, V. Vanhatalo
      Pages 49-56
    5. D. Frost, J. Fernandez, W. Larson, R. Randall, G. Swenson, J. Wong et al.
      Pages 57-67
  5. Environment, Safety, and Health

  6. Magnets I

    1. A. Devred, T. Bush, R. Coombes, J. Di Marco, C. Goodzeit, J. Kuzminski et al.
      Pages 113-136
    2. P. Wanderer, M. Anerella, J. Cottingham, G. Ganetis, M. Garber, A. Ghosh et al.
      Pages 137-149
  7. Detectors I

    1. F. Ayer, E. Berk, J. Gorman, J. Govignon, D. Sullivan
      Pages 151-158
    2. R. L. Swensrud, G. G. Hanson, H. Ogren, D. R. Rust, D. Marschik, J. W. Barkell et al.
      Pages 159-166
    3. V. Guarino, N. F. Hill, D. A. Hoecker, T. D. Hordubay, J. Nasiatka, D. W. Scherbarth et al.
      Pages 183-190
  8. Cryogenics I

    1. Michael A. Freeman, Theodore A. Kobel
      Pages 191-198
    2. B. Chromec, R. Clerc, W. K. Erdt, D. Güsewell, K. Kurtcuoglu, K. Löhlein et al.
      Pages 199-206
    3. M. McAshan, M. Thirumaleshwar, S. Abramovich, V. Ganni, A. Scheidemantle
      Pages 207-217
  9. Technical Poster Session I

    1. K. L. Agarwal, B. W. Croll, E. M. Gilchrist, D. K. King
      Pages 219-224
    2. W. N. Boroski, T. H. Nicol, C. J. Schoo
      Pages 235-242
    3. Shlomo Caspi, Clyde Taylor, Alan Wandesforde
      Pages 243-250
    4. S. Delchamps, M. Bleadon, R. Bossert, J. Carson, A. Devred, J. Di Marco et al.
      Pages 251-258
    5. R. A. Farrell, F. S. Murray, P. A. Jonas, W. R. Mischler, L. Blecher
      Pages 259-266
    6. D. T. Stutzki, K. E. Grut, M. W. Hiller, J. A. Waynert
      Pages 281-288
    7. Patricia Heger, Rodger Bossert, John Carson, Stephen Delchamps, Kerry Ewald, Howard Fulton et al.
      Pages 289-296
    8. M. W. Hiller, J. A. Waynert
      Pages 297-303
    9. X. Huang, Y. M. Eyssa, J. A. Waynert
      Pages 305-312
    10. M. P. Krefta, J. H. Parker Jr.
      Pages 335-342
    11. Daniel Rogers, Finley Markley
      Pages 351-357
    12. J. Strait, D. Orris, P. O. Mazur, M. Bleadon, R. Bossert, J. Carson et al.
      Pages 365-372
    13. Ken Miller, Pat Cowan
      Pages 373-380
    14. Margareta L. Rehak
      Pages 391-394
    15. D. L. Assell, J. M. Cahill, J. A. Carson, D. F. Connolly, S. K. Pawlak, R. K. Rihel et al.
      Pages 395-402

About this book


The fourth annual International Industrial Symposium on the Super Collider, rrssc held March 4-6, 1992, in New Orleans was a great success. Present at this year's conference were 839 attendees representing 24 universities and colleges, 34 states, 13 countries, 17 national laboratories, 11 research centers, many government entities at the local, state and federal levels, and 235 businesses and companies. This year's symposium also included 101 exhibits by 78 organizations. In all categories, this year's participation exceeded the totals of previous years and is an example of the growing support for the Superconducting Super Collider Program. This year's program had many highlights. One of the best was a message from President George Bush, read by Linda Stuntz, Acting Deputy Secretary, Department of Energy. President Bush said that each of us "can be proud of the role that you are playing in building the Collider and in setting the stage for a new era of research and discovery in high energy physics. " The 1992 IISSC's theme was "SSC-Discovering the Future. " This theme was chosen in commemoration of the SOOth anniversary of Columbus's voyage of discovery and the relationship of the SSC with discovery. This theme was articulated by all the speakers in the opening plenary session. Progress on the program was also very evident at this year's symposium. In the pictorial session, 66 photographs from all over the world were displayed to highlight progress in making the SSC a reality.


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