Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

Toward Clinical Trials of Glioma Treatment

  • Detlef Gabel
  • Ray Moss

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  2. E. D. Hondros
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  3. H. H. van den Kroonenberg
    Pages 5-6
  4. Darrel D. Joel, Vili Benary, Robert M. Brugger, Jeffrey A. Coderre
    Pages 15-22
  5. Peter Watkins, Mark Konijnenberg, Geoffrey Constantine, Herbert Rief, R. Ricchena, Johan B. M. de Haas et al.
    Pages 47-58
  6. Finn Stecher-Rasmussen, Geoff Constantine, Willi Freudenreich, Han de Haas, Raymond L. Moss, Ardi Paardekooper et al.
    Pages 59-77
  7. Christopher A. Perks, Howard J. Delafield
    Pages 79-91
  8. Cornelis P. J. Raaijmakers, Luc Dewit, Mark W. Konijnenberg, Ben J. Mijnheer, Raymond L. Moss, Finn Stecher-Rasmussen
    Pages 93-100
  9. Reinhard A. Gahbauer, Ralph G. Fairchild, Joseph H. Goodman, Thomas E. Blue
    Pages 123-128
  10. Floyd J. Wheeler, Daniel E. Wessol
    Pages 143-154
  11. Heinz Fankhauser, Giuseppe Stragliotto, Pascal Zbinden
    Pages 155-162
  12. Dietrich Haritz, Detlef Gabel, Harold Klein, René Huiskamp, Orn-Anong Pettersson
    Pages 163-174
  13. Crister P. Ceberg, Anders Persson, Arne Brun, Bengt Jergil, Bertil R. R. Persson, Leif G. Salford
    Pages 175-178
  14. Axel Sieferta, Juan Casado, Raymond L. Moss, Patrick Gavina, Katharina Philipp, René Huiskamp et al.
    Pages 179-188
  15. Ruud Verrijk, René Huiskamp, I. J. H. Smolders, Adrian C. Begg, C. W. J. Sorber, W. C. De Bruijn
    Pages 189-195
  16. Patrick R. Gavin, Floyd J. Wheeler, René Huiskamp, Axel Siefert, Susan Kraft, Constance DeHaan
    Pages 197-209
  17. Albert H. Soloway, Rolf F. Barth, Liang Liu, Werner Tjarks, Iwona M. Wyzlic, Abdul K. M. Anisuzzaman
    Pages 223-230
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 265-279

About this book


The European Collaboration on Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT), conceived in 1987 and successful in 1989 in gaining financial support as a Concerted Action through the Medical and Health Research Programme of the Commission ofthe European Communities (CEC) in Brussels, considered it an opportune moment to hold its annual Plenary Meeting on 18-20 Septem­ ber 1991 as an International Workshop entitled "Towards Clinical Trials of Glioma with BNCT". The background to this consideration was influenced by the world-wide resurgence ofinterest in NCT over the last 2 decades and by the exemplifica­ tions at the Fourth International Symposium on Neutron Capture Therapy for Cancer held in Sydney in December 1990, where it was strongly indicated that within the next 2 years clinical trials would be started both in Europe and the United States. In particular at the High Flux Reactor of the Joint Research Centre of the CEC at Petten in The Netherlands, an epithermal neutron beam designed and installed in the summer of 1990 recently became operable at full reactor power. An extensive series ofexperiments, including the nuclear and radiobiological characterisation of the beam and a healthy tissue tolerance study on canines has started and has the aim to define the preconditions for clinical trials onpatients with Grade III/IV glioma. However, as with any other new therapy modality, it must be demon­ strated that BNCT is safe for the patient and has a reasonable chance of being an effective therapy.


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  1. 1.University of BremenBremenGermany
  2. 2.Joint Research CentrePettenThe Netherlands

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