Developmental Patterning of the Vertebrate Limb

  • J. Richard Hinchliffe
  • Juan M. Hurle
  • Dennis Summerbell

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 205)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. General Overview

    1. Lewis Wolpert
      Pages 1-7
  3. The Molecular Basis of Patterning

    1. Introduction

    2. Pattern of Gene Expression

      1. Patricia A Blundell, Jose-Luis de la Pompa, J. H. Carel Meijers, Andreas Trumpp, Rolf Zeller
        Pages 25-30
      2. Robert A. Kosher, William B. Upholt, Caroline N. D. Coelho, Kimberly J. Blake, Lauro Sumoy
        Pages 37-43
      3. Clifford J. Tabin, Bruce Morgan, Hans-Georg Simon, Sara Lazar, Yaoqui Wang, Anuradha Iyer et al.
        Pages 45-54
      4. G. Lyons, K. Krabbenhoft, B. K. Simandl, M. Buckingham, J. Fallon, B. Robert
        Pages 55-56
      5. Berend von Thülen, Reinhold Janocha, Jürgen Niessing
        Pages 57-59
      6. Marie-Andrée Akimenko, Marc Ekker, Monte Westerfield
        Pages 61-63
    3. Retinoids, Receptors and Gene Expression

      1. Pascal Dollé, Esther Ruberte, Juan-Carlos Izpisùa-Belmonte, Hildegard Falkenstein, Pierre Chambon, Denis Duboule
        Pages 65-73
      2. P. Kastner, N. Brand, A. Krust, P. Leroy, C. Mendelsohn, M. Petkovich et al.
        Pages 75-88
      3. Malcolm Maden, Nick Waterson, Dennis Summerbell, Jean Maignon, Michel Darmon, Braham Shroot
        Pages 89-96
      4. Annie Rowe, Joy M. Richman, James O. Ochanda, Paul M. Brickell
        Pages 97-100
      5. Annie Rowe, Nicholas S. C. Eager, Melanie Saville, Lewis Wolpert, Paul M. Brickell
        Pages 101-104
    4. Growth and Pattern, Retinoids and Other Factors

  4. The Extracellular Matrix and Limb Development

    1. Overview

      1. Michael Solursh
        Pages 171-176
    2. General

      1. Charles W. Archer, Marian Fernandez-Teran, Fiona Craig, Micheal Bayliss
        Pages 177-188
      2. M. A. Ros, J. R. Hinchliffe, D. Macias, J. M. Hurle, M. A. Critchlow
        Pages 211-213
    3. Chondrogenesis

      1. Bryan Toole, Shib Banerjee, Raymond Turner, Syeda Munaim, Cheryl Knudson
        Pages 215-223
      2. J. M. Hurle, D. Macias, Y. Gañan, M. A. Ros, M. A. Fernandez-Teran
        Pages 249-259
      3. Sergei L. Znoiko
        Pages 261-263
      4. Bodo Christ, Hans-Henning Epperlein, Helmut Flöel, Jörg Wilting
        Pages 265-271
      5. Arnold I. Caplan
        Pages 285-292
    4. Summary

  5. The Developmental Basis of Limb Evolution

About this book


Following pioneering work by Harrison on amphibian limbs in the 1920s and by Saunders (1948) on the apical ridge in chick limbs, limb development became a classical model system for investigating such fundamental developmental issues as tissue interactions and induction, and the control of pattern formation. Earlier international conferences, at Grenoble 1972, Glasgow 1976,and Storrs, Connecticut 1982, reflected the interests and technology of their time. Grenoble was concerned with ectoderm-mesenchyme interaction, but by the time of the Glasgow meeting, the zone of polarizing activity (ZPA) and its role in control of patterning was the dominant theme. Storrs produced the first intimations that the ZPA could be mimicked by retinoic acid (RA), but the diversity of extracellular masrix ~olecules,particularly in skeletogenesis,was the main focus of attention. By 1990, the paradigms had again shifted. Originally, the planners of the ARW saw retinoic acid (as a possible morphogen controlling skeletal patterning), the variety of extracellular matrix components and their roles, and the developmental basis of limb evolution as the leading contemporary topics. However, as planning proceeded, it was clear that the new results emerging from the use of homeobox gene probes (first developed to investigate the genetic control of patterning of Drosophila embryos) to analyse the localised expression of "patterning genes" in limb buds would also be an important theme.


Drosophila Embryo Vertebrate development evolution genes tissue

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