Materials Processing in High Gravity

  • Editors
  • Liya L. Regel
  • William R. Wilcox

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Liya L. Regel, William R. Wilcox
    Pages 1-15
  3. Alain Chevy, Pascal Williams, Michel Rodot, Gérard Labrosse
    Pages 43-51
  4. Bojun Zhou, Funian Cao, Lanying Lin, Wenju Ma, Yun Zheng, Feng Tao et al.
    Pages 53-60
  5. W. J. Ma, F. Tao, Y. Zheng, M. L. Xue, B. J. Zhou, L. Y. Lin
    Pages 61-66
  6. I. I. Farbshtein, R. V. Parfeniev, N. K. Shulga, L. L. Regel
    Pages 81-88
  7. I. I. Farbshtein, R. V. Parfeniev, S. V. Yakimov, L. L. Regel, Ramnath Derebail, W. R. Wilcox
    Pages 89-93
  8. Y. A. Chen, I. N. Bandeira, A. H. Franzan, S. Eleutério Filho, M. R. Slomka
    Pages 95-100
  9. Taipao Lee, John C. Moosbrugger, Frederick M. Carlson, David J. Larson Jr.
    Pages 111-121
  10. Jean-Claude Launay, Stéphanie Bouchet, Anthony Randriamampianina, Patrick Bontoux, Pierre Gibart
    Pages 139-160
  11. Jie Chen, Jean-Michel Most, Pierre Joulain, Daniel Durox
    Pages 161-169
  12. Taketoshi Hibiya, Shin Nakamura, Kyung-Woo Yi, Koichi Kakimoto
    Pages 171-179
  13. M. Y. D. Lanzerotti, J. Autera, J. Pinto, J. Sharma
    Pages 181-184
  14. V. A. Briskman, K. G. Kostarev, T. P. Lyubimova
    Pages 185-192
  15. J. Domey, D. K. Aidun, G. Ahmadi, L. L. Regel, W. R. Wilcox
    Pages 193-202
  16. Ramnath Derebail, William A. Arnold, Gary J. Rosen, William R. Wilcox, Liya L. Regel
    Pages 203-211
  17. M. J. Paulin, R. Phillips, J. I. Clark, R. Meaney, D. Millan, K. Tuff
    Pages 213-220
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 221-222

About this book


There are two motives for studying materials processing in centrifuges. First, such research improves our understanding of the influence of acceleration and convection on materials processing. Second, there are commercial opportunities for production of unique and improved materials that cannot be prepared under normal earth conditions or in space. Through a combination of experiments and theory, we are gaining an understanding of centrifugation on phenomena of importance to materials processing. We find that it is necessary to consider not only acceleration, but also the Corio lis effect and the variation of acceleration with position. As one consequence, the vigor of buoyancy-driven convection is sometimes increased by centrifugation and sometimes decreased. Similarly, the tendency of the convection to become unstable or oscillatory may either be increased or decreased by centrifugation. On the other hand, the observed effects of centrifugation on product quality have largely gone unexplained. This volume constitutes the proceedings of The Second International Workshop on Materials Processing at High Gravity, hosted by Clarkson University in June of 1993. The concept for a workshop on materials processing in centrifuges was born at a series of informal meetings held in Paris in 1990. The First International Workshop on Materials Processing at High Gravity was held in May of 1991 in Dubna, USSR, on the banks of the Volga River. The proceedings of this workshop was published in 1992 as a special issue of the Journal of Crystal Growth.


alloy crystal development liquid production

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