Asphaltene Particles in Fossil Fuel Exploration, Recovery, Refining, and Production Processes

  • Mahendra K. Sharma
  • Teh Fu Yen

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. F. S. Choquest, A. F. Verhasselt
    Pages 13-29
  3. David A. Storm, Stephen J. DeCanio, Eric Y. Sheu
    Pages 81-90
  4. Jiunn-Ren Lin, Joon-Kyu Park, Teh Fu Yen
    Pages 91-100
  5. James L. Conca, Stephen M. Testa
    Pages 101-113
  6. Eric Y. Sheu, M. M. De Tar, D. A. Storm
    Pages 115-122
  7. Eric Y. Sheu, M. M. De Tar, D. A. Storm
    Pages 155-165
  8. V. S. Ravi-Kumar, R. C. Sane, T. T. Tsotsis, I. A. Webster
    Pages 167-170
  9. David A. Storm, Ronald J. Barresi, Eric Y. Sheu
    Pages 185-191
  10. V. A. Kamath, M. G. Kakade, G. D. Sharma
    Pages 205-227
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 239-244

About this book


THE CURRENT STATE OF THE ART of several aspects of asphaltene is presented in this volume. It documents the proceedings of the Internationl Symposium on Asphaltene Particles in Fossil Fuel Exploration, Recovery, Refining and Production Processes sponsored by the Fine particle Society (FPS). This meeting was held il1 Las vegas, Nevada, July 13 -17, 1992. The symposium upon which this volume is based was organized in four sessions emphasizing various basic and applied aspects of research on asphaltene technology. Major topics discussed involve surface phenomena of asphaltene, processed and unprocessed bitumen, asphaltene effect on natural and accelerated ageing of bitumens, asphaltene conversion, theoretical aspects of asphaltenes and interactions of asphaltene colloids in organic solvents. This edition includes eighteen selected papers presented at the symposium. These papers are divided in four broad categories: (1) Bitumen and Coal-Derived Asphaltenes, (2) Asphalt and Asphaltene conversion, (3) Surface and Colloidal Aspects of Asphaltenes, and (4) Thermodynamic and Molecular Aspects of Asphaltenes.


Diffusion Recovery aromatic coal colloid dynamics fuel kerosene molecular aspects paper particles petroleum society structure viscosity

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  • Mahendra K. Sharma
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  • Teh Fu Yen
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  1. 1.Research LaboratoriesEastman Chemical CompanyKingsportUSA
  2. 2.Environmental and Civil EngineeringUniversity of Southern CaliforniaLos AngelesUSA

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