Design of Steel Structures

  • Elias G. Abu-Saba

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About this book


This book is intended for classroom teaching in architectural and civil engineering at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Although it has been developed from lecture notes given in structural steel design, it can be useful to practicing engineers. Many of the examples presented in this book are drawn from the field of design of structures. Design of Steel Structures can be used for one or two semesters of three hours each on the undergraduate level. For a two-semester curriculum, Chapters 1 through 8 can be used during the first semester. Heavy emphasis should be placed on Chapters 1 through 5, giving the student a brief exposure to the consideration of wind and earthquakes in the design of buildings. With the new federal requirements vis a vis wind and earthquake hazards, it is beneficial to the student to have some under­ standing of the underlying concepts in this field. In addition to the class lectures, the instructor should require the student to submit a term project that includes the complete structural design of a multi-story building using standard design procedures as specified by AISC Specifications. Thus, the use of the AISC Steel Construction Manual is a must in teaching this course. In the second semester, Chapters 9 through 13 should be covered. At the undergraduate level, Chapters 11 through 13 should be used on a limited basis, leaving the student more time to concentrate on composite construction and built-up girders.


Tore Torsion beam girder structure

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