Microelectronics Manufacturing Diagnostics Handbook

  • Editors
  • Abraham H. Landzberg

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxiii
  2. Abraham H. Landzberg
    Pages 1-8
  3. P. J. Bonk, M. R. Gupta, R. A. Hamilton, A. V. S. Satya
    Pages 9-35
  4. William A. Davies Jr.
    Pages 36-61
  5. George L. Schnable
    Pages 62-94
  6. Henri A. Khoury, Timothy R. Groves, Christian H. Plougonven
    Pages 95-134
  7. Karen H. Brown, Joseph K. Ho
    Pages 135-160
  8. Douglas W. Cooper
    Pages 161-204
  9. Thomas A. Wassick, Cheryl B. Field, C. C. Hu
    Pages 205-230
  10. John L. Deines
    Pages 259-293
  11. Marvin Lowe
    Pages 294-319
  12. Kevin G. Carswell, Richard B. Humphrey, Ramesh A. Mirchandani, Lloyd M. Young
    Pages 320-347
  13. Joseph J. Gajda
    Pages 348-395
  14. Ajay Sharma
    Pages 425-468
  15. James H. Griesmer, James A. Kierstead, Michael J. Rothman
    Pages 469-502
  16. William A. Levinson, Frederick M. Armstrong
    Pages 503-535
  17. G. DiGiacomo
    Pages 536-580
  18. Michael H. Wood, Arthur Muzik, Hance H. Huston, Hazara Rathore
    Pages 581-604
  19. Bruce E. Blake, Jerry A. Lorenzen
    Pages 605-622
  20. Back Matter
    Pages 623-633

About this book


The world of microelectronics is filled with cusses measurement systems, manufacturing many success stories. From the use of semi­ control techniques, test, diagnostics, and fail­ ure analysis. It discusses methods for modeling conductors for powerful desktop computers to their use in maintaining optimum engine per­ and reducing defects, and for preventing de­ formance in modem automobiles, they have fects in the first place. The approach described, clearly improved our daily lives. The broad while geared to the microelectronics world, has useability of the technology is enabled, how­ applicability to any manufacturing process of similar complexity. The authors comprise some ever, only by the progress made in reducing their cost and improving their reliability. De­ of the best scientific minds in the world, and fect reduction receives a significant focus in our are practitioners of the art. The information modem manufacturing world, and high-quality captured here is world class. I know you will diagnostics is the key step in that process. find the material to be an excellent reference in of product failures enables step func­ Analysis your application. tion improvements in yield and reliability. which works to reduce cost and open up new Dr. Paul R. Low applications and technologies. IBM Vice President and This book describes the process ofdefect re­ of Technology Products General Manager duction in the microelectronics world.


diagnosis manufacturing material reliability semiconductor devices

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